VENERATION OF THE DEAD festival - fourth celebration

Date: Fri 25 + Sat 26 March 2016 (easter weekend)
Venue: Baroeg, Rotterdam, The Netherlands
Address: Spinozaweg 300 (directions

Club Baroeg is located close to trainstation Lombardijen, busstop at venue.
Very easy to reach by car, free parking in front of club.


Tickets are for sale at the links below - there is no excuse! Achtung: capacity is limited to 350 souls only!

Tickets online:

Friday €14:
Saturday €19:
Both days €27:

Presale prices are including fee!

Running order: TBA



Pioneers of Norwegian black metal performing 70 minutes headliner set with old and new material on the Saturday. Aldrahn, Vicotnik and companions recently delivered the magnicifent "A umbra omega" album and will leave Rotterdam in ashes. One off show - be there.


In 2016 it's 20 years ago Sear Bliss' debut album "Phantoms" was released. To this day it's a true and timeless classic of atmospheric and gloomy dark metal. Unique the day it was released and still is today. You can imagine we were excited when the band contacted us with the suggestion to play the album in its entirety on the festival - needless to say we did not have to think about that very long! The last show of Sear Bliss in The Netherlands was already over 6 years ago, we are proud to bring them back with this special show!


In 2016 it's been ten years since "Om" was released. For many fans this album is a highlight in the career of Romanian Negura Bunget, one of the hardest working band of the planet. Constantly on tour, always productive, with an immense eye for detail. "Om" is nothing short of a majestic and epic masterpiece. It's an adventurous journey of well over an hour, rooted in dark folklore and ambience. For this special one-off concert at Veneration 2016, the band will play a set with focus on this amazing album.


After four editions, it's about time I play with my own band on my own festival. Cultus returned with black hateful metal in 2016 and immediately storms through the underground. Live activities are resumed with a completely new lineup and "Gezeteld in zegeruïnen" album is out now. After two shows in The Netherlands in januari, Veneration Of The Dead will be the third and final Dutch show for 2016!


Over the course of five full-length records, Glorior Belli has progressively developed to become a more sophisticated musical entity, while conversely exploring the devolution of black metal its heritage. With a captivating mix of bluesy, heavy grooves, doom-laden lyricism, and some thickly distorting sludge, the band has reaffirmed the diabolical principles of black metal while avoiding its most mind-numbing cliches.


BLACKDEATH was founded back in 1995 in Saint Petersburg, Russia. From the very foundation to this day Blackdeath has chanted and is chanting the Apocalypse which befalls everywhere: from deeps of human psyche till chasms of the endless Space. Blackdeath plays Apocalyptic Black Metal exclusively. Harsh and disturbed in its intensity, Blackdeath are among the most dedicated individuals I have ever met and perform with militant precision.


We've been following Saille since their first album, released on Code 666, and already shared the stage a couple of times. Among their label collegues are innovative bands like Manes, the brilliant Norwegian Atrox, Diabolicum, Aborym, Negura Bunget and others. Saille fit very well among those bands. You can expect highly dynamic and symphonic music with lots of stuff going. Saille don't go for the easy way but have the skills to pull off technical and very diverse song writing while still maintaining fierce aggression in their songs. Saille might not be for everyone upon first hearing, but after you've scratched your head, be prepared to be amazed.


Veneration Of The Dead is proud to announce another unique and obscure entity. Absolutus from Belgium will perform their first live show in 10 years, also their first show outside of Belgium ever. Fanatics of new Abigor, Blut Aus Nord, Deathspell Omega, Svartidauði, Cioran and Nietzsche, take heed! Absolutus' nihilistic black metal is a monumental journey through morbid and violent atmospheres, breathing through the complex songs and dark interludes. Starting out as a traditional black metal entity, appearing out of the nothingness with "Ostendit quam nihil sumus", released in 2005 by Goatowarex (Lifelover, Nachtmystium, Mortifera, Urfaust, Austere, ...), their absolution shifted on the highly anticipated second album "Pugnare in iis quae obtinere non possis" released in 2015 by Heidens Hart / Abstruse Eerie Radiance, towards a more aesthetical and experimental approach.


It is no secret Veneration Of The Dead supports obscure unknown acts and boldly books bands for the simple fact they are good. Previous years we proudly unleashed bands like Dodenkrocht, Wederganger, Grift to the nonsuspecting audience. Bands lurking in the dark corners of the Dutch underground. This year we are honoured to present yet another gem from our own Low Lands, this time from the Brabant region. They recently released their debut album "Hystero Epileptic Possessed" via Ván Records. Expect classic heavy metal in the style of Black Sabbath and Candlemass, with touches of black metal and hard rock.


Standvast is the essence of resistance against the modern world. Expect primitive militant black metal with a punky vibe, influenced by Ildjarn, Trelldom and Darkthrone. Formed by Nortfalke and Rödulv, members of Tarnkappe and Kjeld/Gheestenland/Krocht. The first demo "Afkomst" will be released before the festival. Blood and iron without fear!


It's been a while since a new band appeared with such strong material. "Afrodisiacum der vroomheid" is the name of the debut EP by Orewoet to be released before the Veneration festival. Expect 5 tracks, over half an hour of pure black metal that is easily on-par with the strongest outputs by Behexen and Sargeist. Orewoet will open the second day of the festival; we wish we could offer these guys a better spot but the whole lineup came out very strong so someone's gotta do the dirty job. The best reason to show up early!