Date: 4 + 5 April 2015 (easter weekend)
Venue: Baroeg, Rotterdam, The Netherlands
Address: Spinozaweg 300 (directions

Club Baroeg is located close to trainstation Lombardijen, busstop at venue.
Very easy to reach by car, free parking in front of club.


We are confident the exclusive lineup of this year is the best so far. None of the bands are on tour and have been confirmed for Veneration only - that should say enough about all the effort we put into the performances. Hereby we present you the final festival poster. Tickets are for sale at the links below for only 15 euro per day or 25 euro both days - there is no excuse not to witness the abyssic black cult! Achtung: capacity is limited to 400 souls only!

Tickets online:

Saturday €15:
Sunday €15:
Both days €25:

Tickets in presale: 15 euro per day / 25 euro combi ticket both days
Tickets at the doors: 17 euro per day / 30 euro both days

Running order:

Saturday 4th april:
Barathrum 21:50 - 23:00
Countess 20:25 - 21:20
Lugubrum 19:00 - 19:55
Inquisitor 17:50 - 18:35
Entartung 16.40 - 17:25
Dodenkrocht 15:30 - 16:15

Sunday 5th april:
Rotting Christ 20:50 - 22:00
Inferno 19:30 - 20:20
Cirith Gorgor 18:10 - 19:00
Ibex Angel Order 16:55 - 17:40
Blood Red Fog 15:40 - 16:25
Gestalte 14:30 - 15:10



They should need no introduction. We are very proud to make this possible. Rotting Christ are one of the originators of the old Greek sound and will be flown in exclusively for us for this special show. Rotting Christ chose specifically for our venue themselves and offered to do a special set of songs from the first old material only. They will bring The Netherlands this day an unforgettable set of Hellenic darkness, consisting of songs from old era only!


Barathrum is one of the most prominent Finnish black metal bands in the genre’s history. The band released eight full-length albums compromising a sentence with their first letters of each album, ”Heil Sova” stating that the mastermind behind the madness is the band’s sole songwriter, lyricist and local legend Demonos Sova - who has carried Barathrum through the seas of alcohol, madness and countless hardships together with equally many line-up changes since the beginning of the band. Their shows are rare and notorious. You can imagine we are extremely proud to have Barathrum for the first show outside of the northern regions since 1997!! Back then, the band did a minitour with Sabbat (Japan) and Countess. Now, the band returns to The Netherlands with their trademark (very) possessed midtempo jetblack metal.


By special request of former label mates Barathrum, Countess returns to Veneration one year after their live comeback, to play an exclusive 1993-1997 set, meaning only songs from the first four albums and the "Hell's rock and roll" EP. Back in 1997 the bands toured together in Europe with Sabbat (Japan) - who would ever thought to see these bands share the stage once more? This is a once in lifetime event. "What once was, shall be again"!


Already for the first edition in 2013 they were among the top of our wishlist, so we're pleased it finally worked out. The band is currently finishing the new album "Herval" and will play new material in the new lineup. Lugubrum plays boersk blek metle since 1992.


Inferno is one of the oldest Czech bands and to this day remain one of our favourites from eastern Europe. By unifying elements which make black metal more than just music, Inferno have set out on a tumultous and no compromise journey towards their own massive sounding. The music itself stands as a proud monument - cacophonous, in some places dissonant passages go hand in hand with a delicate use of psychedelia and straightforward black metal. The abyssal atmospheres and demanding compositions culminated into their sixth album "Omniabsence through filled by his greatness"; it has sapped maximum from all involved and thus this immense piece of sinister black metal art is surely the best album of Inferno so far. Prepare to be overwhelmed.


Without a doubt one of the biggest names when it comes to Dutch black metal. Traditional black metal for almost 20 years, the band never wimped out and plays their own style with recognizable melodies, fury and aggression. Special release show of the Cirith Gorgor / Kjeld split 7" - to be released by Heidens Hart / Aratron and available at this show for the first time.


Hysterical and aggressive death/thrash! Inquisitor was recently reborn in the one and only original line-up. After they originally split up in the 90s, some members continued under the name Centurian while others went to Ancient Rites, but with the recent re-release of their debut Inquisitor are back in the frontlines!


This hidden entity released two albums with World Terror Comittee (Horna, Ascension, Acherontas, Sargeist, Weltbrand). Entartung let their music and lyrics do the talking, since noone knows who they are. They have been often compared with bands like Svartidauši, Satanic Warmaster and Mgla, which, at times is definately not unjustified. Entartung's compositions however, are much more varied. This is going to be the first (and who knows only?) show of Entartung ever...


From the ashes of Funeral Goat arose a vessel for the expression of occult practices and magickal workings by means of Satanic black metal. In IAO expressions flow freely and praise is given to the driving forces behind this music, the illumination of Lucifer and the all encompassing duality of Abrasax. The spiritual union of HRRDS and LDS was forged eighteen years ago and IAO is the ultimate culmination of this union. Recently, a full length has been recorded which should spread the unlight of Illumination in the year 2015. Ibex Angel Order's music shall be spread under the black wings of Daemon Worship Productions, also responsible for the blasphemies of Nightbringer, Ofermod, Svartidauši, Wederganger, Nefandus and more.


Morbid black metal from Finland with their first show outside of the Northern territories. Blood Red Fog plays melancholic, mid tempo black metal - bleak and obscure material, inspired by death in all its manifestations. The band released material through labels such as Grievantee (Horna), Those Opposed Records (Lugubrum, Nehemäh) and most recently their third album "Blazing star" through Saturnal Productions (Barathrum). A band every fanatic of bands like Burzum, Mütiilation, Drudkh, Satanic Warmaster and Horna should behold and worship... The band recently did a minitour in Finland with Blackdeath.


The band left a lasting impression with their show on Sathanas In Gloriam fest in 2009, so we knew they had to return. Since that performance, the "Misery chords" demo was released and is in all ways a highlight of cold Dutch black metal. Slighty monotonous in a hypnotic way, mostly at low pace, but very atmospheric and bombastic material. Combining the massive sound of funeral doom with the pure hatred of black metal. This will surely appeal to those into Nightbringer, Manes and "Filosofem"-era Burzum.


A malevolence was torn from the putrid womb of darkness in MMIX in The Netherlands when Plaag asked Dagon to entwine their tenebrous visions and spawn the malicious entity of Gestalte. Their debut album "Ashes of the soul" was summoned in 2013 by Heidens Hart Records. A true black metal revelation; not often has a new band debuted with such a strong album. Eight tracks of cold and tortured material, shaped in nocturnal and spiritual possessions at the plains of madness and insanity. Pure traditional and melancholic black metal for devotees of Burzum, Mgla, Funeral Winds, Godless North, Zwartplaag.