Available releases (newest first):
Some releases are available at HHR Bandcamp website: http://heidenshart.bandcamp.com/.

AZANUL (Nld) "Waar alchemisten regeren" tape

Old Dutch black metal project from the Irrwisch / Widergeist / Northward / Aurvandil circle. Raw black metal with lots of creative riffs and melodies, and good actual song writing. Band released two demos in 2005 and 2009. Now the third demo, written over a period of 15 years is out.
Four tracks, 22 minutes, good analogue sound. Recorded in realtime on type II chrome tape (sold out and no longer being manufactured worldwide) for supreme audio quality. Comes with pro inlay.
MORTIIS (Nor) "Spirit of rebellion" tape

The undisputed inventor of dungeon synth, Mortiis, unleashes new music unto the world in form of a release entitled "Spirit Of Rebellion" - a re-interpreted expansion and continuation of the 1994 Era I classic "Ånden som Gjorde Opprør". Biggest change would be the addition of percussion and drums, to a much more bombastic and dynamic sound.
Now officially released on tape in a special edition with dedicated audio mastering for analogue format. Comes with print on jewel case (!) and available in two colours:
- gold cassette with black print (Heidens Hart exclusive);
- black cassette with gold print (Mortiis exclusive).
EVILFEAST (Pol) / UUNTAR (Nld) "Odes to lands of past traditions" split LP / CD

Heidens Hart Records is proud to add another masterpiece of traditional pagan black metal to their already rich catalogue. This split album features new material from both projects, which have been highly anticipated for some while, to put it mildly. On 30 april 2020 Slavonic and Germanic forces unite in worship of ancestral blood and soil! Arguably both bands' strongest material yet. LP: available. CD: sold out.
CORPUS CHRISTII (Por) / DARKMOON WARRIOR (Ger) "Through centuries of black blood" split 7"

A long overdue collaboration between two established purveyors of the black arts; they are joining forces here on a classic split 7" EP. One orthodox Satanic track by Corpus Christii, one of the oldest Portuguese hordes still active today. Features an intro by Puissance. Darkmoon Warrior attacks with two violent and ugly bombardments that will appeal to all fanatics of Impaled Nazarene, Lugubre, Sadistik Exekution and War. Not much description necessary. Just get this 7". Not many labels press 7" EPs anymore because the production price is ridiculous. We are old fucks and are living in the past.
COUNTESS (Nld) "The book of the heretic" DLP

Classic Countess album from 1996. Now, 24 years and many many requests after its original release we finally present the vinyl edition. One of Countess' most sought after albums despite its unusual mix contains famous tracks like "On the wings of Azazel", "Chapel of doom" and "In hate of Christ".
Double LP with gatefold sleeve with pms gold print, all lyrics plus an extra inlay sheet with the original story of the heretic, as well as liner notes by Orlok. All true to the original layout and sound. Limited to 300 hand numbered copies.
BESTIAL SUMMONING (Nld) "The dark war has begun" LP

In this age of redundant re-releases of bands no-one cared about and never will, we are proud to offer the third vinyl pressing of this timeless Satanic black metal masterpiece and a true piece of Dutch black metal history. In order to retain the spirit of the early 90's, this release reflects the orginal as much as possible, and therefore has no modern sellout gimmicks like useless bonus tracks, photoshopped new artwork, rockstar liner notes or other unnecessary stuff. Recorded back in 1992, fully improvised and in a state of Satanic possession. Together with Funeral Winds, Hekel, Countess and Heretic, this shaped Dutch black metal terrorism. Heidens Hart and New Era present the third pressing, making this piece of possessed insanity finally availabe on vinyl again. Don't support trendy pop-up pre-order labels with overpriced fake "raw" black metal for instragram hipsters, this is the real deal that kicks all posers in the teeth.
TÅGEFOLKET (Den) "Lad asketid begynde" 7"

Identical reissue of the 7" from 2004. Two lengthy tracks of pure Nordic art! Grim yet melancholic Scandinavian black metal with those classical cold riffs in the style of old Isvind, Taake and of course Angantyr. No new layout, no remaster, just improved cover and insert.
HEIMDALLS WACHT (Ger) "Nichtorte" DLP / CD

Highly anticipated proper and deserved release of Heimdalls Wacht's latest and most important album. Authentic and nostalgic pagan black metal.
WOJNAR (Pol) "Kiedy duch wojny nade mna powstanie" LP

The most triumphant, proud and militant piece of Polish pagan folk ever recorded. Wojnar was part of a very small subgenre that had little fame amongst fanatics of (Polish) black metal during end of the 90s and beginning of the 2000s. The importance of this demo is unmatched and heavily underrated. This epic is split into two lengthy parts, each feature four songs; part one features the most bombastic and epic pieces of pagan folk and ancient victory that I know, with commanding vocals and dramatic spoken word parts. Part two has sections that carry moods of melancholy and solemn contemplation. Over 20 years after its original recording, the demo is now available on vinyl for the very first time. No DMM mastering but original analog master cut as it should be. Comes on 175 grammes heavy vinyl, 350 grammes sleeve and includes lyric sheet. This production is of course fully official and done in close cooperation with Wojnar. All layout and audio are true to the original cassette editions!
WOJNAR (Pol) "Zimowa opowiesc" CD

The debut demo from Polish legend and underground cult Wojnar - now for the first time ever on CD format. Melancholic and contemplating ambient war-folk synth, inspired by local mythology and history. Shaped in the frozen landscapes by cold winds, the material on this demo is a bit more minimalistic and primitive than on later albums, but still of great historical importance. The commanding vocals are already here, though less frequent. Epic melodies already carry the compositions, especially in the closing organ ritual track. Hailed as true Polish legend, Heidens Hart and Werewolf Promotion are proud to make this demo available once again. All layout and sound are true to its original cassette edition from 1998: no remaster, no modern layout. Heavy cardboard booklet with all lyrics and photos.
IBEX ANGEL ORDER (Nld) "I.Ô. Creatôr / I.Ô. Destrôyer" MC / 10"

A conceptual EP of primitive and Gnostic art by the IAO duo. Two ritualistic and hymnic black metal invocations performed with furious possession. Released on cassette and 10" formats. Includes all lyrics and fantastic original artwork, made especially for this release by Cold Poison. Highly recommended for fanatics of Mare, Urfaust and Inquisition. 10" EP features three vinyl-exclusive bonus tracks not on the tape, and is distributed by Terratur / Ván / Fallen Temple.
ILDRA (GB) "Ða Bisena 2004-2008" double CD

A double disc compilation featuring all three Ildra demos plus unreleased tracks. 19 tracks of classic pagan black metal, spanning over 100 minutes of playing time. The material here ranges from raw and primitive black metal, folkish interludes and majestic Anglo-Saxon war hymns. A more then worthy overview of the early days and first outputs of the band, leading up to the "Eðelland" album, which has become nothing short of a classic release by now.
BLACKDEATH (Rus) "Phantasmhassgorie" LP / digipack CD

Always improving, original and legendary black metal from Russia. 21 years after the debut comes "Phantasmhassgorie", the unusual name for the ninth album of unusual band. A conceptual album around hate. Nauseating and possessed riffs, hateful vocals in German as always, great compositions and performed with military precision. Throughout the years, the band has toured Europa on regular basis with bands like Inquisition, Barathrum, Archgoat, Countess, etc, and as such always managed to escape the trendy subcategories of the genre and create true black metal for devotees only. Let us not forget, this is sincere and genius dark black art. Blackdeath means black metal. Album mixed and mastered by TT / Abigor at Hell-Lab Studio, recorded by Konstantin Dolganov at Hiboll Studio. 8 tracks, 45 minutes playing time.
UUNTAR (Nld) "Voorvaderverering" LP / CD

Epic and melodic pagan black metal - battle music for the fallen kings of the past! Primordial music in the classic Scandinavian riff-based tradition, recorded in a primitive way and written with a focus on bombastic and majestic melodies, completed with ancient historical lyrics and writings.
A humble dedication to warriors and their traditions long gone - both melancholic as well as honourable. It is a nostalgic retrospect on old values and customs. CD released spring 2018, comes with 8 page booklet on rough heavy paper with all lyrics, photos, etc.. LP sold out.

MESLAMTAEA (Nld) "Niets en niemendal" CD

Meslamtaea is exploring the paths of unorthodox black metal since the nineties. After the debut "New era" was released on Eisenwald Records in 2005, the followup album ‘Niets en niemendal’ continues in the same tradition. Though the tracks are a lot more consistent, it is still very hard to put a label on Meslamtaea's music. Elements from all kind of (sub)genres are blended into a genuinely atmospheric and melancholic style with a post-apocalyptic lyrical concept. Musicwise, think of a mixture of old Ulver with Alcest and Mournful Congregation. A highly impressive piece with a unique way of songwriting, especially if you keep in mind all music was written, recorded and mixed by just one individual. Meslamtaea is among the top of Dutch avantgarde-ish metal among Murw, Phlebotomized and Krocht. Comes in jewel case with 8 page booklet plus mini-poster with the fantastic original conceptual cover drawing my Maya Kurkhuli (Blackdeath, Cultus, Zlo).
ASGRAUW (Nld) "Gronspech" LP

Heidens Hart Records is proud to present Asgrauw's striking third album, "Gronspech" on vinyl LP format, in cooperation with Voidwanderer Records. Hailing from the mythological border regions of Gelderland, The Netherlands, Asgrauw delves deeper into their local myths and sagas on this third black metal monument. Asgrauw pays hommage to the classic sound of the 90s, combining fierce aggression by the two vocalists, with transcendental atmosphere through a subtle layer of synths. But by no means a simple copy, the experienced masters behind Asgrauw skillfully invoke spirits of the past with a focus on guitar riffs, well-written hymns and precise execution. The result is a traditional and sinister chapter, all produced and recorded by the band themselves, topped with a cover which an original commissioned oil painting by J. Putnam (Irrwisch). Indeed, Asgrauw hails "Gronspech"!
KJELD (Nld) "Banier fan Frisia" MCD

Three tracks of pure creative genius, as always soaked in Frisian history and completely sung in their native language. Trademark sound and riffs, impressive songwriting and huge sound. Originally appeared on a split LP with Wederganger, now for the first and only time on CD format. New artwork, limited to 500 copies, under license of Ván Records.
CD released autumn 2018.

THEUDHO (Bel) "De roep van het woud" LP/CD/MC

Fifth full length album of epic and melodic pagan black metal! Easily the bands' best output to date. Monumental and epic song writing, with a focus on memorable melodies. Recommended to those into Ancient Rites, Forefather, Falkenbach and of course Bathory! Released on LP, CD and cassette; merch and bundles also available.
LP/CD/MC released summer 2018.

COUNTESS (Nld) "Ad maiorem Sathanae gloriam" LP

The third album of Dutch Orthodox black metal cult entity COUNTESS. Originally released in 1995 on CD and now finally available on vinyl. Limited to 500 handnumbered copies on traditional black vinyl. Comes with heavy inlay.
LP released summer 2018.

BLUTVIAL (GB) "mysteries of earth" digipack CD

This raw piece of necro filth and grim hatred is finally released on digipack CD July 2018. With “mysteries of earth", Blutvial is presenting a harsh output of unholy black metal in the classic Scandinavian riff-based tradition of the early and mid 90s, reminding of Norwegian gems by bands such as Thorns, Kvist, Strid, Gorgoroth, Obtained Enslavement and, of course, Burzum. Anyone who is still spellbound by the early outputs of those bands will have found a new gem here.
CD released summer 2018, first press comes in digipack on extra heavy cardboard with embossing on front cover, 8 page booklet with all lyrics, etc..

ILDRA (UK) "Eðelland" CD/LP/MC

Already a milestone in the British metal history and an all-time besteller. Authentic and organic pagan Anglo Saxon black metal alternated with short folk parts performed on traditional instruments. The result is a remarkably unique album filled with melodic and furious hymns and provoking and commanding rhythms and vocals, topped with one of the most epic, dynamic and bombastic productions since "Hammerheart".

LP sold out, MC and CD available. Click title for more info.

WOLCENSMEN (GB) "Songs from the fyrgen" LP

A masterpiece of traditionalist and melancholic folk music. "Songs from the Fyrgen" is a debut album several years in the making – an acorn that eventually found its clearing. Featuring performances and contributions by notable musicians from around the world, "Songs from the Fyrgen" serves as both a musical platform and as the passion of an individual. 50 minutes of highly diverse and emotional music, performed on acoustic guitar, percussion, flute, piano, cello, choirs and synthesizer. This is well written traditional music with immense eye for detail and composition, with a well researched and personal concept behind all the lyrics and music. All lyrics are written in old English language and are included on the inlay. This LP comes in an amazing deluxe package. Not just recommended, but an absolute mandatory purchase for fans of Ulver, Sol Invictus, Fire & Ice, Ildra, Dead Can Dance, Wardruna, Agalloch.
LP released winter 2017/2018.

FOREFATHER (GB) "Ours is the kingdom" CD

Here it is, the fourth installment of our Forefather reissues! "Ours is the kingdom" shows more diverse and energetic songs after "Engla Tocyme", which was more sombre and reflective. "Ours is the kingdom" includes many of the bands' classic tracks and with over one hour playing time, this is also the longest album by the Anglo-Saxon legends. With the bonus track included, the total is even pushed over 65 minutes. To further improve this reissue, the album has been remastered by the band themselves. The original version suffered from a rushed mastering job, which was actually never approved. This new version has been carefully remastered by the artists themselves, with minimal change in sound yet now revealing the full dynamics not present on the original. Originally released in 2004, it's safe to say this is another timeless album in the discography of Forefather.
CD released autumn 2017.

HERETIC (Nld) "Tape traitors" DCD

A monument of a release compiling the bands' five demos recorded between 1997 and 2002 plus a bunch of unreleased and rare demo tracks, outtakes and compilation tracks, for a total of 37 tracks / 2+ hours. In the 90s, almost no one played this style of primitive and harsh midtempo black metal. The band was influenced by their comrades from Beherit, Barathrum, Blasphemy and other obscure acts that roamed the underground in those days. On this compilation, you can hear early versions from tracks that later appeared on "Black metal holocaust", one of the most possessed and pure Satanic albums ever recorded in the Dutch underground. Comes on double CD with a big fold-out booklet with many old photos and liner notes by Goat.

CD released autumn 2017.

HERETIC (Nld) "Devilworshipper" CD

The previous CD and LP editions of this ultra primitive second album from 2003 have been long out of print and hard to find, so we've decided to make the album available again, this time with no less than 11 (!) bonus tracks - being a completely unreleased demo version from the album with a playing time of over 36 minutes. This makes for a total of over 70 minutes of pure and totally evil midtempo black metal. As we all know, Heretic's second album "Devilworshipper" was recorded for everyone who thought the debut "Black metal holocaust" was too clean. That statement still stands today - this album is one hell of a harsh and distorted piece of blasphemy. For the first time, all the lyrics have been included now. Attention: this album has NOT been remastered "to make it sound like the band always wanted" or any of those weak statements.

CD released autumn 2017.

CULTUS (Nld) "Gezeteld in zegeruïnen" LP / CD

Cultus return with black hateful metal. A victorious manifestation of shining, eternal, death within.

CD released winter 2015/2016, LP released summer 2017 in alliance with New Era Productions, comes with heavy cardboard art-print inlay.

WROK (Nld) "De onheilsbode" LP / CD 2017

Fear the return! Wrok (from HELL) has been un-buried and returns with "De onheilsbode". As if time stood still, Wrok plays disturbed and sick primitive Satanic black metal, for fanatics of Bestial Summoning, old Barathrum, old Heretic, Apator, Ildjarn. The first sign of life of the de-buried horde was the infamous Veneration Of The Dead festival in april 2017. The band played live for the first time in over 20 years for a blood-hungry and possessed audience, and the album was released here. Also available as set with tape reissue of the infamous "Ontgravenis" demo 1996, one of the most extreme demos ever brought forth on Dutch soil. Not available seperately!

LP and CD released first half of 2017. Click title for more info.

COUNTESS (Nld) "Into battle" CD / MC 2017

Release date is 20 november! Live album originally to be released in 1996 but never saw the light of day! The album floated through the tape trading circuit since then, it's finally released on CD now. Killer recording on 24 tracks including all the early-day classics from this Dutch cult horde. Read about the history of this release: http://countessmetal.blogspot.nl/2016/11/live-album-recorded-twenty-years-ago.html.

Tape sold out, CD released autumn 2017.

FOREFATHER (Gbr) "Engla tocyme" CD 2017

Third studio album now re-released with a rare bonus track. All expectations were met and easily surpassed. Forefather improves with every album without any major changes in sound. One could say tracks like "Fifeldor" and "Forever in chains" show a more midtempo side which were previously quite rare for the band, yet these songs still contain their typical epic and majestic atmosphere in true Forefather tradition. On the other hand, tracks like "Into the forever" and "Engla tocyme", as well as the bonus track, are fierce and aggressive Anglo-Saxon metal tracks with the wellknown Forefather sound.

CD released winter 2016/2017.

OREWOET (Nld) "Afrodisiacum der vroomheid" MCD 2016

The debut recording from Orewoet is out now on CD in conspiracy between Heidens Hart and Amor Fati. Orewoet executes with rough old school black that is easily on-par with the strongest outputs of Baptism, Horna, Behexen and Satanic Warmaster. The "Afrodisiacum der vroomheid" EP features five lengthy tracks, over half an hour of pure black art with epic and aggressive melodies. The band played their first show at this years' Veneration Of The Dead, The Netherlands' leading black metal festival, and laid a shroud of undivine darkness upon the masses. No gimmicks, no bullshit, only pure black metal devotion.

CD released fall 2016.

COUNTESS (Nld) "The return of the horned one" LP 2016 (last copies!)

Twenty-two years after its original release, now for the first time on vinyl. The second album of the Dutch originators of Orthodox black metal and one of the most requested albums for vinyl format in the underground. Whereas the first album was primitive Bathory worship to many, this album was recorded by Orlok alone and presented a big improvement, yet still offering true, raw and grim black metal known for it's insane vocals. The album includes tracks like "Fire & blood", "Aleidis" and "Bloed in the sneeuw" (probably the first ever black metal track with Dutch lyrics) among others, there are no tracks on the album that over the years did not became classics for any fanatic of the band.

LP released summer 2016.

ANCESTORS BLOOD (Fin) "Hyperborea" LP 2016

New album 2016. Ancestors Blood continue to surprise. Where the previous album was a step back to the primitive sound of their demos and recorded in the bands rehearsal room, this brand new album "Hyperborea" returns to and even tops the epic and bombastic sound of the debut and "When the forest calls". And with this, Ancestors Blood has never sounded so bombastic and heavy. A mighty masterpiece of atmosphere and strength!

LP released spring 2016.

BLACKDEATH (RUS) "Totentanz" digipack CD

Compilation of the two "Totentanz" splits with Leviathan and Mortifera. The material here has the primitive aggression like "Bottomless armageddon" and previous albums, but upon closer listening you'll find the riffs and song writing are slowly morphing into their later sound as heard on "Vortex" and "Katharsis" albums. Sounding strangely removed from a natural, organic sound, these songs are the last Blackdeath songs to feature drum computer and combined with the atypical melodies and sounds with hysterical and possessed vocals give the whole an unhuman aura that is uncanny. Comes as six-panel digipack with a booklet. Lyrics and the history behind the release are included in the booklet.

Digipack CD released winter 2015/2016.

ABSOLUTUS (Bel) "Pugnare in iis quae obtinere non possis" CD

Absolutus are a Belgian band shattering the shelter of the unconscious since 2003. Their lyrical content deals primarily with nihilism, metaphysical journeys, eerie experiences and psychology, inspired by writers such as E.M. Cioran and F. Nietzsche. Starting out as a traditional black metal entity, appearing out of the nothingness with "Ostendit quam nihil sumus", their absolution shifted on the highly anticipated second album "Pugnare in iis quae obtinere non possis" towards a more aesthetical and experimental approach. This album is in every aspect a highly recommended and truly monumental journey showing much more diversity compared with the debut album.

CD released fall 2015. Click title for more info.


Finally out in December 2015: the long awaited split with Ancestors Blood and Heervader. A highly anticipated, high profile cooperation between Finland and The Netherlands. Ancestors Blood is one of the leading atmospheric black/pagan metal bands during the last decade, while Heervader is a rather unknown project from two known individuals who are also active in other bands.
Originally announced many years ago as a 7" EP split, this was upgraded to a full length album split, featuring over 20 minutes of unique music for both bands. Both bands should be known, and on this split each give their own spin to traditional atmospheric black metal in the way they are known for. Expect epic and vast black metal with adventurous compositions and sound.
The CD is limited to 300 copies only and comes with a 12 page booklet with lyrics and photos. CD released winter 2015/2016.

HEIMDALLS WACHT (Ger) "Der Untergang der alten Welt" CD

Out of print for years and in high demand all those years, we are proud to finally bring this album back on the shelves. Even though it was only the second release from Heimdalls Wacht, back in 2006, the album exploded through the underground and many of the tracks have grown out to become semi-legendary tracks. "Die Tränen des alten Wächters" and "Weißes Pferd auf rotem Grund" have been part of the regular setlist for many years. "Weltenbrand" is a very private and personal song for many people, and when played live recently for the first times, the audience was in awe upon every performance. "Des Nordens Stern" is of course a classic hymne for the band that should need no introduction. Over an hour of pure antichristian pagan black metal, filled with mourning and anger. No remaster, no bonus tracks, same artwork (just "rebuild" from the original graphics), just as the band wanted it.

CD released winter 2015/2016.

FOREFATHER (GB) "The fighting man" CD / LP

Hailed by many as their best release, 'The fighting man' was a huge progression after the previous releases and set the style Forefather is known for. Their ability to create their trademark hymnic melodies took a huge step and the epic melodies that will remain stuck in your head are well represented in songs like 'For these shores'. The album pioneered with its well written compositions; alternating between fast, energetic riffs with lots of folk melodies and mid-tempo atmospheric black metal with clean vocals almost sounding chanted at times popping up frequently, to a very dynamic whole. After we released the album on vinyl LP last year, "The fighting man" is finally available again on CD as well!

CD released fall 2015 (available). LP released winter 2013/2014 (sold out).

DODENKROCHT (NL) "A veneration of the dead" cassette

The audial ectoplasmic summoning by Dodenkrocht at this years Veneration Of The Dead was captured in human shape - their ethereal forms manifested in one of our personal highlights of the seance... This materialization of spiritual death will now be cast in prima materia - its vessel, a haunted black cassette tape limited to one hundred appearances only. Dodenkrocht projects an hypnotic, monotonous, mostly at low pace, but very heavy and bombastic manifestation of bleak horror. Combining the massive and atmo-spheric sound of funeral doom, with the pure, cold hatred of black metal. This will surely appeal to those into Nortt, the debut of Manes, Nightbringer and "Filosofem"-era Burzum. You will see forever...

Tape released fall 2015. Click title for more info.

CODE (UK) "Live in The Netherlands" CD

Live registration of avantgarde masters Code on their minitour in The Netherlands in November 2014. Code's flawless performance of their own style of avantgarde yet flowing and progressive style is captured very well on these live recordings. All first three albums are represented - top notch musicianship, classy songwriting and well executed vocals hit the nail right on the head here. Imagine a mix of Ved Buens Ende, Arcturus, Katatonia and Emperor, executed live in a perfect setting.

CD released spring 2015. Click title for more info.

WIDDER (Nld) "First journey" tape 2015

Four tracks of doomed black/ambient metal, alternating passages of mystical, dream-like soundscapes and bone chilling riffs that cut like icy glaciers through solid rocks. The ultimate atmosphere of majestical ambient black metal opens... "The air vibrates with anticipation as the hidden nature of all things slowly unfolds itself"... Comes on single sided cassette with handmade drawing, and special cardboard cover in an edition of 100 handnumbered copies. A must-have for discoverers of Paysage D'Hiver and Lustre.

Tape released spring 2015.

HEIDENLAND "Stormvloek" CD 2015

Dirty and rotten traditional pagan black metal with old school attitude. At times reminding of old wave of Norwegian black metal such as Enslaved and Carpathian Forest, which is not strange since the tracks on this anthology CD have originally been written at the mid and end of the 90s. Like a lot of the classic 90s releases, the material here is melodic but still extreme. This CD consists of the 1999 "Triomftocht voor de glorie van Wodan" demo in its 2014 re-recorded version and show how the band has grown over the years. Also included are five unreleased tracks recorded between 2000 and 2007, and the original 1999 demo. Limited CD pressing of only 300 copies!

CD released spring 2015.

BLACKDEATH (Rus) "Gift" CD / LP 2015

Blackdeath is the most wellknown band from Russian. "Gift" is their eighth album, the band continues in their own style of disturbed and intense apocalyptic black metal, yet it's their fastest album so far. If you are not familiar with the previous albums like "Phobos" or "Katharsis", expect a very harsh and extreme sound, yet with avantgarde riffs, strange tempos and almost progressive song structures; all performed with razor sharp and militant precision. Blackdeath follows its own path and are among the most dedicated individuals I have ever met.

CD released winter 2014/2015, LP released spring 2016.

TRIUMPH,GENUS (Cze) "Jiné se dnes má mými svêty rozléhat" 7" 2015

A classic 7" release. This is not new material but two tracks originally released on 3 way split CD with Sator Marte and Vindorn. Most of you know what to expect: raw, straight forward, striking and elite black metal with genuine and original vocal performance of Jaroslav, known also from Kult Ofenzivy horde. Brutal sound yet very good song writing. Doublesided pro pressed fold out sleeve with philosophies in Czech and English language. 7" with black labels. Limited edition of 300 copies only. This is simply the best format for the style.

7" released winter 2014/2015.

KULT OFENZIVY (Cze) "Nauky ruznic / Radikální ateismus - Tvurcum Nadcloveka" MC 2014

Two albums on a single cassette. Unrelenting, intolerant and extreme raw black metal from the Czech Republik. Motivated by traditionalist philosophy, the atmosphere of this album can described as a radical declaration of hatred channeled througha focused and violent form of black metal. Kult Ofenzivy takes the Czech sound and imues within it a more sinister and merciless energy that solidifies this album as paramount to extreme and evil music. The pro-cassette includes a folded A4 cover and lyrics in English. Released in cooperation with Hexencave Records.

MC released winter 2014/2015.

MORDAEHOTH (Nld) "Limburgian pagan madness" LP / MC 2014

The oldest Dutch pagan black metal show a colder and harsher return to the roots of pagan black metal. Re-recorded unreleased songs, as a tribute to the old European pagan black metal sound!

MC and LP released winter 2014/2015. MC sold out! Click title for more info.

COUNTESS (Nld) "The gospel of the horned one" LP / CD 2014

2014 re-release by Heidens Hart and New Era Productions of the legendary first Countess album. CD edition has two bonus tracks.

CD and LP released fall 2014. Click title for more info.

FOREFATHER (Gbr) "Deep into time" CD 2014

With pride Heidens Hart Records present the next release in line of the Forefather re-release series: their 1999 debut "Deep into time".

Released fall 2014. Click title for more info.

WEDERGANGER (Nld) "Gelderse drek" CD-maxi

Out of nowhere Wederganger appeared with a demo tape that sold out in a blink of an eye, and did a truly stunning first live performance at this years' Veneration Of The Dead Festival. Hence, these revenants crawled out of the Gueldrian dirt once more to team up with Heidens Hart and release the tracks in a one time only, strictly limited physical edition: "Gelderse drek" will be re-unleashed as a CD-single in a traditional maxi-CD jewelcase with the actual disc in three colours: 200 blue, 200 yellow, and 100 blue/yellow/black pieces, all carrying the seal of Wederganger.

Released fall 2014. Click title for more info. Gelderland edition sold out; yellow and blue disc: last copies available.

BLACKDEATH (Rus) "Satanas Retro Vade" 7" 2014

Three re-recorded classic Blackdeath tracks, this time with full lineup and more current sound. Though no less possessed sounding! Besides the three wellknown tracks, Blackdeath covers Laibach. 15 minutes of apocalyptic black metal, comes with a big 21x7" foldout cover. Limited edition of 300 only.

Released fall 2014. Click title for more info.

MONDVOLLAND (Nld) "Kwade vaart" CD 2014

The second and last full length album of Mondvolland will be released in september 2014. Expect avantgarde black metal with a hint of folk melodies, soaked in melancholy and dark folklore. “Kwade Vaart” is the last full length album by the band, as the band split up in spring 2014. It is an album inspired by folk stories from the Gelderland region of the Netherlands that explore the subjects of poisoning, death in battle, fratricide and witch hunts, within a local context. The darker side is the central theme found in the folklore of the region – hence the album title. The album will be released on CD format with big booklet with original artwork, and digital via Bandcamp, iTunes, Spotify, Google Play, etc.

Released fall 2014. Click title for more info.

KJELD (Nld) - "De tiid hâldt gjin skoft" MCD / MLP (last copies!)

Furious melodic black metal taking you back to riff based black metal of the 90s, yet with a very heavy, more modern production. A must for fans of Kvist and first Dodheimsgard.
Vinyl edition comes on 180 grams, single sided 12" with a specially designed etching on the back side. Click for a photo.

MCD released by Heidens Hart and Kjeld in februari 2010, last copies left;
MLP released by Heidens Hart and Art Of Propaganda in september 2014, last copies left.
BLACKDEATH (RUS) "Phobos" CD / LP 2013/2015

Blackdeath always had their own unique style and for that reason, remained a hidden gem in the underground. Over the years, their music evolved and new album 'Phobos' is more or less a continuation of the style on 'Katharsis'. So a more and more avantgarde kind of songwriting compared to the old material, yet they are in no way more accessible or less devoted to Satan. Even though the production of the album is better than ever, don't expect an overpolished, empty sound. The typical possessed vocal style and strange rhythms and melodies will cause nausea, visions of death and possession of Satan. For almost 20 years, Blackdeath remains to carry the banner of true black metal and stays a typical love it or hate band - only for the devoted.

CD released fall 2013; LP released winter 2014/2015.

BLACKDEATH (Rus) "Fanatical" tape 2013 (last copies!)

One more their old stuff was re-released by Heidens Hart. The rehearsal tape 'Fanatical' – previously released only through the impossible to find limited red vinyl by Niessedrion Records back in 2007 and featuring with Blackdeath's first recording after returning to the full line-up – is now available through the label. The tape contains also a bonus track, a rehearsal version of “Der nukleare Wojwode” recorded in 2009.

Tape released fall 2013.

ANCESTORS BLOOD (Fin) "A moment of clarity" CD/LP 2013

As the midsummerday now lies behind us, this is the sound to the coming stormy nights over the vastness of the Finnish landscape! Epic songwriting as can be expected from Ancestors Blood. The new album 'A moment of clarity' is production wise a lot rougher than the previous 'Return of the ancient ones' and 'When the forest calls'; it goes back to the sound of their first demos. So expect a lot more primitive and rougher in sound, yet possibly their strongest songs ever. Recommended to fanatics of Satyricon debut and later Summoning.

CD released summer 2013, LP released winter 2013/2014.

IRRWISCH (Nld) "Fallwind" 7" 2014

Two lengthy tracks of atmospheric music in the same style as their demo. Recorded between 2009 and 2012, now finally exhumed and available on vinyl 7". Co-released with Those Opposed Records.

Released winter 2013/2014. Click title for more info.

GRIFT (Nld) "Twisted paradigm of light" MC 2013

Misanthropic Luciferian black metal.

Released summer 2013.

HEIMDALLS WACHT (Ger) "Westfälischer Schlachtenlärm" CD 2013

This is the sound of nostalgia and authenticity - the album that started it all! "Westfälischer Schlachtenlärm" was originally never intended as a first album, but as a demorecording. It sold out within 3 months after its initial CD release, making it highly sought after. After 8 years, it's now finally available again.

Released winter/spring 2013. Click title for more info.

V/A (Nld) "Oud en bezeten" tape 2014

Exclusive unreleased studio, live and rehearsal tracks from the rotten Dutch underground, gathered for this compilation tape only. Domini Inferi, Funeral Winds, Göll, Lugubre, Sauron, Wrok, Zwartplaag.

Released summer 2014.

GESTALTE (Nld) "Ashes of the soul" CD 2013

A malevolence was torn from the putrid womb of darkness in MMIX in The Netherlands when Plaag asked Dagon to entwine their tenebrous visions and spawn the malicious entity of Gestalte. Their debut album "Ashes of the soul" is now summoned. A true black metal revelation; not often has a new band debuted with such a strong album. 8 tracks of cold and tortured material, shaped in nocturnal and spiritual possessions at the plains of madness and insanity. Created out of anger... Pure traditional and melancholic black metal rituals and hatred, performed by five spirits drawing power from the void. For devotees of Burzum, Mgla, Funeral Winds, Godless North, Zwartplaag.

Released summer 2013.

BLACK DRAUGWATH (Rus/pre-BLACKDEATH) "The true bottomless armageddon" CD 2013

Alternate version of album later released under Blackdeath name, unreleased first version, limited to 500 CDs.

Released winter/spring 2013. Click title for more info.

BRANSTOCK (Ger) "Uckermark" MCD 2012

Brand new MCD from the Märkischen Soldaten. Five original new tracks of aggressive yet melodic black metal full of Märkischen hate and pride - in wellknown Branstock tradition - and a Havohej cover. Limited to 350 copies only.

Released fall 2012.

SVARTHYMN (Swe) s/t MCD 2013

Old tracks from 1999 from this Swedish band, originally released on a split tape; now finally available on limited CD. Highly original and atmospheric midtempo black metal with a bit of melancholic doom metal influences - this is the embodiment of despondent, crestfallen, melancholic, depressed music.

Released winter/spring 2013. Click title for more info.

HEIMDALLS WACHT (Ger) "Ut de graute olle Tied - Deel 1" CD 2011

Re-press of their third album. The album, containing favorite songs like 'Mythologem' and 'Aufstand der Stellingas' among others, sold out quickly after its release, so we are proud to announce that the album is available again.

Released fall 2011.

HH81: MURW (Nld) "Kanker" CD/LP 2012

Long awaited debut album of Murw out now on CD and LP. One of The Netherlands' best kept secrets returns with a truly stunning and groundbreaking album of progressive death/doom metal. Extraordinary, unconventional and creative songwriting, this album is nearly impossible to compare with any existing band or fit in any existing genre. Murw is not a newcomer one-day-fly performing a cheap, new gimmick trying to stand out. Throughout their history, dating back to the early 90s where the band already did shows supporting Emperor for example, they've shown a unique own style of music, culminating into "Kanker".

Released winter 2012. Click title for more info.

HH80: LUGUBRE (Hol) "Chaoskult (Hymns of destruction)" CD 2011

Compilation of obscure tracks, giving an overview of 12 years of anti human black fucking metal.

Released summer 2011. Click title for more info.

HH79: BESIECT (Hol) "Heidenlärm" tape 2011

Old school rough and primitive black metal like Fimbulwinter, old Gorgoroth, Trelldom demo. Pre-Krocht, though not quite so melodic as Krocht went to be. Besiect was also vocalist on the first Krocht demo.

Released spring 2011. Click title for more info and mp3.

HH77: SEKT (Swe) "Unhealthcare" tape 2011

This piece of spiritual aggression should be seen upon as a glorification to the dark side of the human spirit - the dark night of the soul.

Released spring 2011. Click title for more info.

HH76: REGNUM (Ger) "Hinter der Schwelle des Schmerzes" tape 2011

Uncomfortable black metal.

Released summer 2011. Click title for more info and mp3.
HH75: HEKEL (Nld) "Doodskou" MCD 1998 / 2011

Ritual unhuman black metal. Notorious demo from 1998 finally out on cd, limited to 666 copies.

Released fall 2011.

HH73: DESCENDING DARKNESS (Aut) "Seelenruhe" tape 2011

Debut full-length finally unleashed, after this Austrian horde has been into existence more then ten years. Expect violent and crushing old school black metal with parts that could have been on any old Spear Of Longinus album. Insane and ugly! Includes ex-member of Obscure Anachronism.

Released spring 2011. Click title for more info and mp3.

HH72: MURW (Nld) "In de mond van het onbekende wacht een oceaan" CD 2007/2010

Detached, twisted and deranged black metal from The Netherlands. Progressive and technical compositions - no easy-listening here, but an intense rotten expression and depressed, doomed journey into the self. Material is highly unique and intelligent, no two tracks are alike, and nothing is Murw alike!

„In the mouth of the unknown, an ocean awaits“ was originally self-produced and self-released by the band on cdr and cassette in 2007, being their most recent work to date. Heidens Hart Records is now proud to announce this unique album has been professionally mastered and is now available on cd.

Released fall 2010. Click title for more info and mp3.

HH71: ÖDE (Nld) "Schimmenwoud" LP 2011

Obscure black metal.

The LP comes in a noble 350g inside-out cover and thick printed cardboard innersleeve. The vinyl is limited to 500 handnumbered copies and is a co-release between Amor Fati Productions and Heidens Hart.

Released januari 2011. Click title for more info.

HH70: MORDAEHOTH (Nld) - "Eens weer prevaleert het heidens hart" CD / LP / MC 2010

After the ritual number of nine years since the release of the 'Bloedwraak' debut album, Mordaehoth returns from the fog-veiled swamps of the pagan lowlands to present their all new full-length album. Carved, burnt and built during years, 'Eens weer prevaleert het heidens hart' (not to be confused with the same titled 1998 demo) offers the ultimate grim pagan metal opus from The Netherlands: long and dark warhymns, blending bitter melancholy over lost ages with flaming hate for the postmodern world; and pride in taking action in the revolt against it! In a truly overcrowded scene Mordaehoth deserves your attention by standing out with a mix of pagan and black metal and influences of dark folk with added atmosphere of occasional keyboards and clean vocals.

In an age where blogspots rape true underground mentality we offer you the format of choice in excquisite presentation!
All versions have been hand-assemblied, so please excuse minor imperfections!
All printing is done in full-colour, on high-gloss, laminated paper!

A release of New Era Productions and Heidens Hart. Click title for more info.
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HH68: NU IS ALLES ANDERS (Nld) "Het eeuwige leven" tape 2010

Hypnotic and monotonous black metal, that is not necessarily minimalistic. Often close to ten guitarparts are layered to create riffs without clear beginning and ending, into an almost cacophonous whole, but still vast and epic as the cosmos itself. Escapism put in music - listen to this and ascend into total darkness and let nothing but the stars show your way. No keyboards, no drumcomputers, no artificiality, no humans.
Released summer 2010. Click title for more info.
HH67: EOLE NOIR (Bel) "Eole noir" tape 2010 (last copies!)

New, selftitled mini album showing the true face of Eole Noir. One lengthy track of fast but melancholic black metal despair as should be known from them, minimal production but this time with vocals, followed by one dreamy acoustic track.

Released spring 2010.
HH66: DESASTRIOUS (USA) "Loekr inn Niflheim" tape 2010

Violent and primitive terrorist black metal, totally raw and ugly with strange croaked vocals. Great reissue of this classic USBM document from 1997, one of the most hated and at the same time underrated American black metal projekts. Contains also the 'Necroanal ceremonium' demo. Released on pro tape, limited to 333 handnumbered copies.

Released summer 2010. Click title for more info.
HH65: DUSKEN (Ger) "Pyrimanes" tape 2011

Dionisyck black metal.

Released spring 2011. Click title for more info.

HH62: ZWARTPLAAG (Nld) "Haatstorm" CD / MC / t-shirt 2010 (last copies!)

A pure aggressive and hateful black metal offensive, who attack with their typical own style of riffs. After a couple of demos, this debut album confirms Zwartplaag has quickly become one of not many black metal hordes in the Dutch underground that matter.

Released februari 2010. Click title for more info.

Released on cd and tape - "Haatstorm" album tshirt available now too in sizes S to XXL. Front: albumcover, logo, title; back: three photos + text. Click here for a photo.
HH59: KBM (Net) "Katharos" tape 2010

Two lengthy tracks of droning, unhuman, ritual dark metal, alternating between obscure bleak soundscapes and aggressive, hypnotizing fast parts. Overall quite minimal and monotonous in it's execution, yet very very epic, original and intense material. These are not just two songs, but the soundtrack to a black hole doing it's job of sucking in all matter and energy, leaving nothing but utter void. A comparison is impossible, but personally, the only thing which it could remind me of just slightly, is a more expressionistic (old) Secrets Of The Moon and perhaps 'Drawing down the moon'. Limited edition of 250 tapes with high quality tapes and covers. Tape comes with lyrics (not on the cdr-version).

Released april 2010.
HH58: ANCESTORS BLOOD (Fin) "When the forest calls" CD 2009

Brand new second album of epic and highly atmospheric pagan black metal. Powerful production, catchy and bombastic keyboard melodies and aggressive guitars and vocals. Ancestors Blood have more and more found an own identity, however still reminding of that old, typical Scandinavian sound bands like Grievance, Demonic, Covenant, Forlorn, Troll, Gehenna, Darkwoods My Bethrothed, and Dimmu Borgir used to have. Essential release!

Released fall 2009. Click title for more info.
HH12 HH12: EMPIRE OF HATE (Aus) / MORTHOND (Usa) split tape

Long awaited but finally released during the last dark days of the year. Both bands play the purest black metal. Empire Of Hate contributes five tracks, which are the band's first ones to see the dead of the night. These morbid songs will appeal to those who like Mütiilation and Maniac Butcher with it's dissonant riffs and insane and extremely hateful vocals. Morthond's tracks are previously released as "Somber Deathwinds" cdr, by Profane Productions in the early days of 2003. Their music carries the freezing cold atmosphere of the old Darkthrone releases to new, haunting levels, through the use of keyboards and sickened and tortured vocals.
Released 8 december 2003, kept in print as long as wished by the bands and label.

Sold out titles.