How to order: 1) Email your order to (alternative: and I will get back to you with the total price;
2) Please enclose your address, because postage is accordingly calculated depending on your location;
3) Please enclose method of payment: cash (Euro, US Dollar or other), banktransfer (free of charge within the "EU"), Paypal (please add 4% to the total price to cover Paypals fee) or creditcard (3% fee applies);

There is no shopping cart system or an ebay-shop, because I'm too old fashioned. Ordering is only possible via email. And since there is no webshop, your data will be not be saved or stored anywhere and no emails will remain on the server.

General information: - Items in red are NEW in stock/restock;
- For every 50 euro you can choose two CDs or three tapes from the "free items" section. This is not a temporary action, but will be always. However, this stock is very limited, mostly last copies, so please include alternates!

Postage: - Nederland: verzendkosten zijn maximaal €3,50 voor brievenbuspost en €7 voor pakketpost (ongeacht hoe groot of zwaar). Aangetekend en rembours is ook mogelijk tegen meerprijs. Alle post wordt vanuit Nederland verstuurd. Geen verzendkosten boven de 100 euro;
- Deutschland: 1-2 CD(s) oder 1-3 Kassette(n): 2 euro / Sonstige Briefpost: 3 euro. Päckchen 4 euro.
Alle Pakete, egal wie groß oder schwer: 7 euro mit DHL (mit Hermes verschicke ich nicht mehr). Alle Post wird von Deutschland aus verschickt. Kostenloser Versand bei Bestellungen über 100 euro.
Europa other countries and worldwide that are not on the temporary ban list from Germany:
We ship from Germany.
0-500 grammes: 5 euro airmail, 8 euro registered (up to 6 tape or 4 CDs with jewel cases);
500-1000 grammes: 8 euro airmail, 10 euro registered;
1 - 2 kilo Europa: 10-12 euro depending on country (up to 10 tapes, or 6 CDs with jewel case, or +/- 20 without jewel case);
1 - 2 kilo world: 18 euro airmail, 25 euro registered;
2 - 5 kilo Europa: 12-25 euro depending on country;
2 - 5 kilo world: 34 euro registered.
All countries that Germany temporary does not ship to are going with Dutch mail instead (
0 - 350 grammes: 11 euro (priority airmail, up to 3 CDs, or more if without jewel cases)
0 - 2 kilo: 23 euro (priority airmail, package)
0 - 2 kilo: 29 euro (registered, package)

General information: - Please allow two weeks for delivery;
- If you prefer so, tapes and CDs can be sent without cases to lower postage. Please mention this with your order;
- All the releases that are for sale here are 100% official and were received from the labels or bands directly! Here are no unofficial dubs, copies, bootlegs or other illegal or dishonourable items!! Fuck your bootlegs and fuck your mp3s.
- Please note: all vinyl releases come with a free plastic sleeve, you don't have to pay extra for this!
- HH does not focus on a huge mailorderlist with 1000s of items. Most of the stuff I distribute is known to and approved by me, to ensure a stock with high quality music. I try to update the site every weekend;
- Last but certainly not least: THANKS FOR YOUR SUPPORT!!!