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WOJNAR Kiedy duch wojny nade mna powstanie LP

The most triumphant, proud and militant piece of Polish pagan folk ever recorded. Over 20 years after its original recording, this cult demo is now available on vinyl for the very first time.

Dungeon synth masterpiece and already favourite of 2019 for many of you, this unique album is more than worthy of a vinyl edition. Dark dungeon synth for the true wanderer... This album could best be described as a mix of the true kosmische musik and Berlin sound from the 70s, and synth ambient. An original and classic piece of dark soundscapes, majestic and contemplating. This is real music performed 100% on various vintage synthesizers and percussive elements.

IBEX ANGEL ORDER I.Ô. creatôr / I.Ô. destrôyer 10"
A conceptual EP of primitive and Gnostic art by the IAO duo. Two ritualistic and hymnic black metal invocations performed with furious possession. Rreleased on cassette and 10" formats. Includes all lyrics and fantastic original artwork, made especially for this release by Cold Poison. Highly recommended for fanatics of Mare, Urfaust and Inquisition. 10" EP features three vinyl-exclusive bonus tracks not on the tape, and is distributed by Terratur / Ván / Fallen Temple.

SOTSIRH SUSII magazine #3
Brand new issue from magazine by Colonel Para Bellum (Blackdeath). Originally started in Russian language during the 90s, now back in English language. In-depth interviews with Xibalba Itzaes, Winterblut, Satanic Warmaster, Mortifera, Malhkebre, Leviathan, Cultus, Clandestine Blaze, Blackdeath. 40 pages, A4 size, no reviews, no advertising, English language.

MORTIIS Blood and thunder MC
Second press. Cassette edition of the rare 7" EP from 1994 with two bonus tracks. First edition sold out instantly while on tour, now available again.

ELFENBLOED Voor den eer van ons geschied MC
Pro-cassette re-edition with the original insert booklets. This time on pro-duplicated cassette with print. Ultra aggressive fast black metal with epic and hymnic parts from Flanders.

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UNGOD / MORT split 7"
Heidens Hart took over distribution for None Shall Defy Records. In all aspects a very high quality release. The cult Ungod returned with the release after a long silence, with a great old school track reminding a bit of old Sigh. Mort is awesome German black metal. Comes with a big fold out poster, big insert/booklet, heavy sleeve with 5mm spine. All art drawn specifically for this release, a lot of work went into this, recommended!

ANIMUS MORTIS Mysteriis vox divina 7"
Heidens Hart took over distribution for None Shall Defy Records. Two tracks of dissonant black metal, reminding me of Svartidaudi and later Deathspell Omega.

Agmen - Tartarus tape
Arkona - Zeta reticuli tape
Black Widow - From the unholy nineties tape
Brume D'Automne - La grande noirceur
Dark Fury - Synningthwait tape
Dark Fury - Semper fidelis tape
Demon Realm - ...Of chaos, damnation and war tape
Elfenbloed - Voor den eer van ons geschied... tape
Emit - A vision of 1682 tape
Granskog - Clandestine congregation tape
Hateful - Valkyries tape
Mefitic - Devouring torment tape
Mortiis - Blood and thunder tape
Pagan Hellfire - Spirit of blood and struggle tape
Saturnian Mist - s/t tape
Wolves Eyes - Wolves of forgotten forests tape
Wolves Eyes - Ancient flame tape
Wolves Eyes / Heidentor - split tape
Wolves Eyes / Szarlem - split tape
Wolves Eyes / Morgennebel - split tape

Animus Mortis - Mysteriis vox divina 7"
Dold Vorde Ens Navn - Gjengangere i hjertets moerke MLP
Eternity - To become the great beast LP
Häxenzijrkell - Von Glut und Wirbelrauch LP €13
Häxenzijrkell / Lvthn - Split 10" €13
Ibex Angel Order - I.Ô. creatôr / I.Ô. destrôyer 10"
Kill - Devil mass LP €16 Brand new album of Swedish filth!
Kill - The death rape EP 7"
Malignant Eternal - Taarnet LP €
Múspellzheimr / Aiwigaz Undergangaz - Split 10" €13
Múspellzheimr - Kolbítr LP €14
Mylingar - Döda själar LP €15
Nortfalke - Atmosfeer LP
Obtained Enslavement - Soulblight LP
Orcivus / Excessum - The hidden god split 7"
Ungod / Mort - split 7"
Walghinge - Afgrondschemering 7"
Wederganger / Laster - Split LP
Wojnar - Kiedy duch wojny nade mna powstanie LP

Akitsa - Grand tyrans digipack CD
Ancient - Svartalvheim CD
Arkhtinn - ivvvi digipack 2CD
Azel's Mountain - Gora milczenia CD
Black Witchery - Desecration of the holy kingdom CD
Blasphemous Noise Torment - Reversed cosmos CD
Blasphemy - Blood upon the altar + bonus CD
Blasphemy - Victory (son of the damned) CD
Blasphemy - Gods of war CD
Blasphemy - Fallen angel of doom... CD
Blasphemy - Live ritual - Friday the 13th CD
Det Eviga Leendet - Lenience digipack CD
Die Kunst Der Finsternis - Queen of owls digipack CD
Dold Vorde Ens Navn - Gjengangere i hjertets moerke digipack MCD
Eternity - To become the great beast CD
Evilfeast - Funeral sorcery CD
Häxenzijrkell - ...von Glut und Wirbelrauch digipack MCD
Hetroetzen - Exaltation of wisdom digipack CD
Inferno Requiem - Shanhai A5 digipack CD
Kaevum - Kosmos erwache CD
Kaevum - Natur CD
Lvx Caelis - Mysteria mystica maxima xxiii digipack CD
Malignant Eternal - Taarnet digipack CD
Mayhem - Wolf's lair abyss CD
Muspellzheimr - Nidhöggr CD
Mylingar - Döda själar digipack CD
Naglfar - Alte Welten 2CD €
Nodfyr - In een andere tijd digipack MCD
Norden - Z popiolow i krwi... digipack CD
Obtained Enslavement - Soulblight CD €12
Perunwit - 1994 - 2014: XX years of pagan crusade digipack CD
Perunwit - Perkunu yra dang CD
Sainte Marie Des Loups - s/t digipack CD
The One - I, master digipack CD Re-release.
The Spirit Cabinet - Hystero epileptic possessed digipack CD
Wederganger - Halfvergaan ontwaakt digipack CD
Wederganger / Laster - split digipack CD
Werewolf - The legion of TFF 2CD
Wojnar - Kiedy duch wojny nade mna powstanie CD
Wolves Eyes - Remembrance of pagan heroes digipack CD
Wolves Eyes / Likvann - split CD

Black metal: prelude to the cult - booklet
Black metal: into the abyss - book
Black metal: the cult never dies volume one - book
Cult never dies: the megazine - book
Skogen zine anthology 1993-1996 - book
Sotsirh Susii issue #3 - zine