IBEX ANGEL ORDER (Nld) "I.Õ. Creatõr / I.Õ. Destrõyer" tape lim. 100

A conceptual EP of primitive and Gnostic art by the IAO duo. Two ritualistic and hymnic black metal invocations, released to coincide with the band's ritual at the 2019 Veneration Of The Dead - part 777. Comes on pro-duplicated and printed cassettes. Inlay on heavy cardboard includes all lyrics and fantastic original artwork, made especially for this release by Cold Poison. Highly recommended for fanatics of Mare, Urfaust and Inquisition.
Email to order or via Bandcamp: https://heidenshart.bandcamp.com/album/i-creat-r-i-destr-yer

VOND (Nor) "Selvmord" tape lim. 100

Heidens Hart makes this available on cassette format for the very first time. Dark and sinister dungeon synth; a thematic album that deals with the topic of death and has a fittingly twisted atmosphere and arguably the most bombastic and epic closing to any album. Pro-duplicated and printed cassette, factory sealed. Description from the original 90s flyers: "4 tracks, 40 minutes of Suicidal Meditation Musik. An album filled with trance and emotion. This is the ultimate soundtrack to a suicide." Second edition now available on tape, identical to the first one but no razor blade is included this time.
Email to order or via Bandcamp: https://heidenshart.bandcamp.com/album/selvmord

NORTFALKE (Nld) "Atmosfeer" tape lim. 100

Dark dungeon synth for the true wanderer... Heavily influenced by the true kosmische musik and Berlin sound from the 70s. Nortfalke - "Atmosfeer" could best be described as a mix of krautrock like Tangerine Dream, Klaus Schulze, and synth ambient like Burzum's two 90s synth albums, Wongraven and old Mortiis. An original and classic piece of dark soundscapes, majestic and contemplating. This is real music performed 100% on various vintage synthesizers and percussive elements, and NOT another laptop software-synth act.
Email to order or via Bandcamp: https://heidenshart.bandcamp.com/album/atmosfeer