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BLACKDEATH (Rus) "Phantasmhassgorie" LP / digipack CD

Always improving, original and legendary black metal from Russia. Blackdeath debut was released in 1998; band is even older when including their demos released as Draugwath and Black Draugwath, which puts them among the originators in the genre. Throughout the years, albums were released through labels such as Northern Heritage, Hospital Productions, Drakkar Productions. 21 years after the debut comes "Phantasmhassgorie", the unusual name for the ninth album of unusual band. A conceptual album around hate. Nauseating and possessed riffs, hateful vocals in German as always, great compositions and performed with military precision. Throughout the years, the band has toured Europa on regular basis with bands like Inquisition, Barathrum, Archgoat, Countess, etc, and as such always managed to escape the trendy subcategories of the genre and create true black metal for devotees only. Let us not forget, this is sincere and genius dark black art. Blackdeath means black metal. Album mixed and mastered by TT / Abigor at Hell-Lab Studio, recorded by Konstantin Dolganov at Hiboll Studio. 8 tracks, 45 minutes playing time.
Email to order or via Bandcamp: https://heidenshart.bandcamp.com/album/phantasmhassgorie

UUNTAR (Nld) "Voorvaderverering" LP

Epic and melodic pagan black metal - battle music for the fallen kings of the past! Primordial music in the classic Scandinavian riff-based tradition, recorded in a primitive way and written with a focus on bombastic and majestic melodies, completed with ancient historical lyrics and writings. Uuntar (ancient Germanic for "winter") is a humble dedication to warriors and their traditions long gone - both melancholic as well as honourable. It is a nostalgic retrospect on old values and customs, in particular focusing around burial rites, dolmens and grave mounds in the north-east of the country.
CD still available from the mailorder, running low on copies.
Email to order or via Bandcamp: https://heidenshart.bandcamp.com/album/voorvaderverering

MESLAMTAEA "Niets en niemendal" CD + miniposter

Meslamtaea is exploring the paths of unorthodox black metal since the nineties. After the debut "New era" was released on Eisenwald Records in 2005, the followup album ‘Niets en niemendal’ continues in the same tradition. Though the tracks are a lot more consistent, it is still very hard to put a label on Meslamtaea's music. Elements from all kind of (sub)genres are blended into a genuinely atmospheric and melancholic style with a post-apocalyptic lyrical concept. Musicwise, think of a mixture of old Ulver with Alcest and Mournful Congregation. A highly impressive piece with a unique way of songwriting, especially if you keep in mind all music was written, recorded and mixed by just one individual. With 'Niets en niemendal', a very personal, non-orthodox and introspective album is performed with full dedication. Meslamtaea is among the top of Dutch avantgarde-ish metal among Murw, Phlebotomized and Krocht. Comes in jewel case with 8 page booklet plus mini-poster with the fantastic original conceptual cover drawing my Maya Kurkhuli (Blackdeath, Cultus, Zlo).
Email to order or via Bandcamp: https://heidenshart.bandcamp.com/album/niets-en-niemendal

ASGRAUW "Gronspech" LP

Heidens Hart Records is proud to present Asgrauw's striking third album, "Gronspech" on vinyl LP format, in cooperation with Voidwanderer Records. Hailing from the mythological border regions of Gelderland, The Netherlands, Asgrauw delves deeper into their local myths and sagas on this third black metal monument. Asgrauw pays hommage to the classic sound of the 90s, combining fierce aggression by the two vocalists, with transcendental atmosphere through a subtle layer of synths. But by no means a simple copy, the experienced masters behind Asgrauw skillfully invoke spirits of the past with a focus on guitar riffs, well-written hymns and precise execution. The result is a traditional and sinister chapter, all produced and recorded by the band themselves, topped with a cover which an original commissioned oil painting by J. Putnam (Irrwisch). Indeed, Asgrauw hails "Gronspech"!
CD still available from our mailorder.
Email to order or via Bandcamp: https://heidenshart.bandcamp.com/album/gronspech

NORTFALKE (Nld) "Atmosfeer" tape lim. 100

Dark dungeon synth for the true wanderer... Heavily influenced by the true kosmische musik and Berlin sound from the 70s. Nortfalke - "Atmosfeer" could best be described as a mix of krautrock like Tangerine Dream, Klaus Schulze, and synth ambient like Burzum's two 90s synth albums, Wongraven and old Mortiis. An original and classic piece of dark soundscapes, majestic and contemplating. Beware, this is real music played on a various old synthesizers, and NOT another laptop software-synth act.
Email to order or via Bandcamp: https://heidenshart.bandcamp.com/album/atmosfeer