The bones of those who died crying by my feet
Shall become my throne and my crown

Heidens Hart and Mortiis proudly present the next round of "era 1" merchandising. "Ånden som gjorde opprør" and "Født til å herske" official limited edition longsleeves and tshirts coming in September 2016 - now open for pre-order. We have been overwhelmed with positive feedback about the "Keiser av en dimensjon ukjent" longsleeve so I've decided to print the next two designs at the same time so people can save postage. Previews of the designs can be seen here but of course they don't do the design justice - by far.
With the design I wanted to pay tribute to the old existing merchandise made in the 90s again, so don't expect fancy modern designs with heavy Photoshop editing, but a basic and old school, yet majestic layout.

Please note:
- Longsleeves are printed on high quality B&C textile again (same as Vond "Selvmord" longsleeve we made, if you have it you know the superior quality). These are more expensive to make but the retailprice will be the same!
- Tshirts are printed on Gildan textile and are extremely limited!

As always, these shirts are fully official, produced and designed by Heidens Hart Records in close cooperation with Mortiis. Special thanks to Canrith, Sam / Projekt and Vincent for their assistance with the graphics!

- "Ånden som gjorde opprør" with era-true photos and artwork, bronze printing;
- "Født til å herske" with era-true photos and artwork;
- Produced in close cooperation with Mortiis himself;
- Both LS and TS available in the sizes S-M-L-XL-XXL;
- Very limited editions;
- Email directly to pre-order:

Thanks for the support. Please share!

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