The following three releases will be available for the first time at this years' Veneration Of The Dead festival:

HEIDENLAND 'Stormvloek - Beschonken, kwaad en goddeloos' CD
Dirty and rotten traditional pagan black metal with old school attitude. At times reminding of old wave of Norwegian black metal such as Enslaved and Carpathian Forest, which is not strange since the tracks on this anthology CD have originally been written at the mid and end of the 90s. Like a lot of the classic 90s releases, the material here is melodic but still extreme. This CD consists of the 1999 "Triomftocht voor de glorie van Wodan" demo in its 2014 re-recorded version and show how the band has grown over the years. Also included are five unreleased tracks recorded between 2000 and 2007, and the original 1999 demo. Limited CD pressing of only 300 copies!

WIDDER 'First journey' tape
Four tracks of doomed black/ambient metal, alternating passages of mystical, dream-like soundscapes and bone chilling riffs that cut like icy glaciers through solid rocks. The ultimate atmosphere of majestical ambient black metal opens... "The air vibrates with anticipation as the hidden nature of all things slowly unfolds itself"... Comes on single sided cassette with handmade drawing, and special cardboard cover in an edition of 100 handnumbered copies.

Perfectly on time for Veneration Of The Dead celebration, we present you this unity of Dutch black metal. Both hordes attack with one brand new track: Cirith Gorgor with "Rite of purification" from the upcoming album "Visions of exalted Lucifer", to be released later this year. Kjeld contributes "Bern fan Freya" from the album "Skym" that was just released this March. Both tracks were recorded live in June 2014, carefully mixed and mastered for the best sound. A classic split 7", comes in a limited edition of only 300 copies, each one handnumbered in gold. This is a vinyl-only release! Produced as joint attack between Heidens Hart Records and Aratron Productions. Releasedate: 4 april.