Last couple of months have seen a lot of new releases and truly a LOT of orders, thanks everyone for the support. I try to keep the mailorder lists as updated as possible, but there's a lot of new stuff so check it out occasionaly. Packages from Daemon Worship, Under The Sign Of Garazel, Christhunt, My Kingdom Music, Witches Sabbath, EastSide a.o. are incoming! Please note I will be away from 18th januari through 9 februari so place your orders in time!

UPCOMING RELEASES for december 2014 / januari 2015:

New album will be released on CD first to be ready on time for the European tour in januari/februari. LP will follow later. Just as on the previous tours, Blackdeath will play this album in its entirety (where time allows).

Released as cooperation between Northern Heritage and Heidens Hart, the much requested vinyl edition will come altered cover and big poster. It will be available on tour.

KULT OFENZIVY "Nauky ruznic / Radikální ateismus - Tvurcum nadcloveka" tape
Both albums on one tape. New album "Nauky ruznic" shows slight change in sound, but only for the better. Kult Ofenzivy and Triumph,Genus are the only "new" Czech bands worth mentioning since the last 3-4 years.

TRIUMPH,GENUS "Jiné se dnes má mými svety rozléhat" 7"
This is not a new material from Triumph,Genus but two tracks originally released on 3 way split with Sator Marte and Vindorn. Most of you know what to expect: raw, straightforward, striking and elite black metal with genuine and original vocal performance of Jaroslav, known also from Kult Ofenzivy horde.

NAUDIZ "Aftur till Ginnungagaps" tape
Primitive, harsh and brutal heathen black metal, reminding me of a mix of Ildjarn and Spear Of Longinus.

Ever since discovering them on the split tape with Imperium Sacrum I've been following this truly unique German project/band. During the years, the material got more and more "avantgarde", recent material is more monotonous and drawn-out, but at the same time harsh and not easy to listen. At times it could be described as a black metal variant of Devil Doll. I distribute the following titles:

“Unverweslich” CD (Labyrinth Productions 2013)
The 6th album "Unverweslich" (translated to "not decomposable") is released as 4-sided Digipack CD with a 16 pages booklet. Musically the album really seems to be a mix of all previous albums what indicates to be interesting for fans of the older and newer stuff alike.

“Heikäne Löwentötrin” MCD (Traumorgane-Kreationen 2013)
Concept MCD with one very long track about the femme fatale, special appearance of maybe one of the world's most extreme female vocalists in the fields of Dark Metal who slips into the role of “Heikäne Löwentötrin”: Larvalis. Six-sided DVD digipack in 263 handnumbered copies.

“Sauglingshängwerk Aushilfsheins” CD (Traumorgane-Kreationen 2011)
The 5th full-length is the "strangest" album so far, dealing with antinatalistic fantasies and the corrosive spirit of the age. Follow J. BLACK, the fictional protagonist, fulfillng his deed as a temporary worker for DEATH INC. People, who have never listened to the varied sounds of the 121-cult TODESSTOSS so far: friends of old Darkthrone, Bethlehem and The Cure might get thrilled. Dare to take a look behind the mask... Concept-album as slipcase-CD, English translations of all lyrics, appearance of session vocalist Benjamin Schmälzlein and first appearance of session bassist Nils on the title track.

“Todesstoß” CD (Traumorgane-Kreationen 2011)
The selfentitled, 4th full-length is the "darkest" album so far, dealing with a personal underworld where wisdom is forged in fires of pain. A walk through Pluto's gate and back! Welcome to a new fancy tale of woe: human existence. DVD-Case, 24-pages booklet, German and English versions of the lyrics, golden disc. First appearance of session vocalist Benjamin Schmälzlein on two tracks, vocals for “Endbeginn” were partly recorded in a lost place - ruins of old barracks.

To be released later:

HEIDENLAND "Stormvloek" CD
INQUISITION "demos / rehearsals" DLP / CD
COUNTESS "Ancient lies and battle cries" DLP