June 2014

HEIMDALLS WACHT - "Verschüttet - unvergessen" tape
Compilation tape gathering 8 special tracks, over 50 minutes of rare and unreleased tracks. Here you’ll find special versions recorded exclusively for this tape, rare bonus tracks, a live recording, unreleased studio demos, and more. Limited to 200 pro tapes only.

TARTAROS - 'Darkened destiny' tape 2014
Dark, midtempo black metal from The Netherlands, originally recorded at the end of the 90s. Released by Damnation Records only on vinyl LP format in 2001, this is a totally underrated Dutch cult album which stayed hard to find. Now it's finally resurrected on tape (Heidens Hart Records) and CD (New Era Productions). Audio imperfections from the original audio master have not been fixed digitally! Tape is limited to 100 handnumbered pro cassettes with pro printed inlay containing lyrics, photos and front cover slightly reworked as it was meant to have been. A must for fanatics of Celtic Frost / Hellhammer, old Carpathian Forest and Funeral Winds.

V/A - "Oud en bezeten" compilation tape
Exclusive unreleased studio, live and rehearsal tracks from the rotten Dutch underground, gathered for this compilation tape only. With Domini Inferi, Funeral Winds, Göll, Lugubre, Sauron, Wrok and Zwartplaag.