June 2014

Get your orders in before the end of June, as I will probably be away for the whole months of July and August!
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New in stock:

COUNTESS - 'Hells rock 'n roll' MCD
The original stock have been found. This is the original pressing, not a repress. Previously less than 300 copies have been spread, which was the reason this is probably the most sought after Countess release from their whole discography. Now it's available again for normal price!

COUNTESS - 'Ancient lies and battle cries' CD
The new 2014 album! Black heavy metal as known from Countess - simply killer.

COUNTESS - 'The book of the heretic' CD
Re-press from this classic.

HORDES - 'Longing for the kingdom of steel' 7"
Some boxes of original EPs have been found. Please keep in mind this is a release from 1993, so they show signs of storage! Some sleeves are a bit yellow and/or have some ringwear. Price is 5 euro. Pre-Countess band if you don't know them; style is comparable with the slower songs on first four Countess albums. Needless to say it's mandatory in your collection!

ILRDA - 'Ešelland' tshirts
I found some remaining Ildra shirts in size M. Some people were asking for it; so they are available again!

COUNTESS - 'Ancient lies & battle cries' tshirts
Front: drawing; back: bindrune.
Gildan shirts, both sides white print on black shirt. Sizes S through XXL.

COUNTESS - 'I am the infidel' tshirt €15
Heavy 100% cotton black shirt with white print on both sides. Only size L and XL.

ANCESTORS BLOOD - 'Logo' tshirt
Gildan shirts, gold-colour (not metallic, just Pantone colour!) print on black shirt. Sizes S through XL.

TARTAROS - 'Darkened destiny' tape 2014
Dark, midtempo black metal from The Netherlands, originally recorded at the end of the 90s. Released by Damnation Records only on vinyl LP format in 2001, this is a totally underrated Dutch cult album which stayed hard to find. Now it's finally resurrected on tape (Heidens Hart Records) and CD (New Era Productions). Audio imperfections from the original audio master have not been fixed digitally! Tape is limited to 100 handnumbered pro cassettes with pro printed inlay containing lyrics, photos and front cover slightly reworked as it was meant to have been. A must for fanatics of Celtic Frost / Hellhammer, old Carpathian Forest and Funeral Winds.

Upcoming releases - preorder now!
At the factory or pressing plant - should arrive within two weeks:

KJELD - "De tiid hāldt gjin skoft" MLP
Time doesn't stop. Time won't take you into consideration. Time won't take a break. So, four years after originally planned - a lot longer than we wanted and wished, we have finally pressed this EP on vinyl record. Being the first sign of life from them at the time, still the EP grew to an underground gem which quickly found its way to their audience. This vinyl version is in high demand and long overdue, so finally it's here soon. Epic black metal taking you back to the 90s when black metal still meant originality and unique concepts. A must for fans of Kvist and first Dodheimsgard.

HEIMDALLS WACHT - "Verschüttet - unvergessen" tape
Compilation tape gathering 8 special tracks, over 50 minutes of rare and unreleased tracks. Here you’ll find special versions recorded exclusively for this tape, rare bonus tracks, a live recording, unreleased studio demos, and more. Limited to 200 pro tapes only.

V/A - "Oud en bezeten" compilation tape
Exclusive unreleased studio, live and rehearsal tracks from the rotten Dutch underground, gathered for this compilation tape only. With Domini Inferi, Funeral Winds, Göll, Lugubre, Sauron, Wrok and Zwartplaag.

New in stock:

Coldworld - The stars are dead now LP
Licht Erlischt - ...And Below, The Retrograde Disciples LP
Vargnatt - Nur ein Traum LP
Steingrab - Äon LP
Vaelk / Illunis - split 7"
Entartung - Krypteia LP
Entartung - Krypteia CD
Entartung - Peccata mortalia LP
Entartung - Peccata mortalia CD
Harakiri for the Sky - Aokigahara 2LP
Harakiri for the Sky - Harakiri for the Sky LP (restock)
Sa Meute - Hyperborée LP (restock)
Sa Meute - 50 contre 1 LP (restock)
Pest - Vado Mori LP (restock)
Pest - Tenebris Obortis LP (restock)
Monumentum - The River ep digi MCD
Darkspace - Dark Space 1 CD
Darkspace - Dark Space 2 CD
Darkspace - Dark Space 3 CD
Manii - Kollaps CD
Xasthur - Nightmares at dawn CD
Spite Extreme Wing - Vltra CD (restock)
Darkspace - Dark Space I 2LP
Inferno - Omniabsence Filled by His Greatness LP
Shape of despair / Before the Rain 7" - split 7" (restock)
+ more in the mail...

Coming soon (pre-orders welcome):

Abigor - Leitmotif Luzifer CD
Abigor - Leitmotif Luzifer LP
Lunar Aurora - Of stargates and bloodstrained celestial spheres CD
Lunar Aurora - Of stargates and bloodstrained celestial spheres 2LP
Lunar Aurora - Elixir of sorrow 2CD DIGI
Lunar Aurora - Elixir of sorrow 2LP
Lunar Aurora - Ars moriendi CD
Lunar Aurora - Ars moriendi 2LP