BLACKDEATH 'Phobos' CD and tshirt now available.

Be sure to see Blackdeath live in The Netherlands, Belgium and France with Azaghal and Gestalte. Not to be missed! Dates:
14 november - Le Midland, Lille, France
15 november - Frontline, Ghent, Belgium
16 november - Baroeg, Rotterdam, The Netherlands
17 november - Willemeen, Arnhem, The Netherlands

Other news:

At the moment, I still have 4 tapes at the printer and one 7" at the pressing plant. Releasedates are still unknown. Because of the many upcoming concerts and the many releases during the last months, there will be less releases out during the coming months. The last 6 months have been quite crazy with a lot of high profile releases from Forefather, Heimdalls Wacht, Ancestors Blood, Blackdeath, Circle Of Ouroboros, Gestalte, etc, and the coming time will be spend on promoting and distributing these releases. As always, quality before trendy music.

Coming 2013:

Blackdeath 'Fanatical' tape lim. 100
V/A 'Oud & bezeten' tape lim. 100
Irrwish 'Fallwind' 7"
Skeeltron 'Waldgeist' tape
Tartaros 'Darkened destiny' tape lim. 100

Coming 2014:

Ancestors Blood 'A moment of clarity' LP lim. 200-300
Ancestors Blood 'Return of the ancient ones' LP lim. 200-300
Blackdeath 'Totentanz' (format tba)
Circle Of Ouroboros 'The final egg' digipack CD lim. 300
Ildra 'Eğelland' LP
Kjeld 'De tiid hâldt gjin skoft' MLP