In old black metal tradition I will from now on start releasing material in drastically lower quantities. Items will still be repressed where there is demand, so there is need in using this is as a selling point or put HH releases on Ebay for crazy prices. Known quality and character of releases will not change of course, but strenghtened even further by this. Sure pressing in high quantities is cheaper per piece, but HH was never founded to go for maximum profit and getting most money out of it. People might have already noticed more and more smaller quantities on previous releases, for example tapes maximum 100 copies, couple of CD releases like Blackdeath only 500 copies, and from now on, this will be more standard way to give the bands full support. First upcoming release to benefit from this new way is Ancestors Blood - 'A moment of clarity' album which will be released on only 200 LPs and 600 CDs.