Mailorder recommendations for november:

- Got a bunch of Blasphemy, Conqueror and Revenge tshirts from Osmose, so all official items only as always. Very limited amount of copies each, and not all sizes.

- Pagan - "(to) the black star" CD: Barren Russian territories have spawned among the most extreme and unique hate metal there is. Think of Blackdeath, Spitehowling, Fullmoon Rise, Evilwinged, and other acts from the 90s. Another wellknown and longlasting projekt is Pagan, out of the Belarusian nuclear lands. Since the beginning halfway the 90s, Pagan presented most extreme black metal. Primitive and rotten, influenced by very first Burzum and total solitude and disgust. On the new album, you'll find the bands most original material ever. Sometimes as primitive as ever before, sometimes with hints of avantgarde like in the opening track with saxophone improvisation. The album is build of sickening guitarriffs and disgusted vocals, not comparable to any band. This album is recommended for all those who still worship underground black hateful metal.

- Nokturnal Mortum latest album "Voice of steel" is in stock again, this is (deservingly) one of my best selling albums. I also have some copies of the new live DVD in stock.

- Wolfhetan's new album is an epic one - last copies still available.