Bestial Summoning - 'The dark war has begun' LP

Side A:
1. Victory is ours 3:03
2. Unholy prison 3:32
3. Evil will prevail 2:06
4. Exorcism fails 2:20
5. Give me your orders 2:56
6. Enjoy your death for Satan 3:04

Side B:
7. Summoning the brothers 4:19
8. Countess of evil 3:13
9. The dark war has begun 3:11
10. I am home 2:55
11. Dwelling of the unholy ghost 2:17
12. Birth of the antichrist 4:04

20 years after its original release, finally availabe on vinyl again. Limited edition of 666 handnumbered copies.

In this age of redundant re-releases of bands noone cared about and never will, we are proud to offer the only official vinyl reissue of this timeless Satanic black metal masterpiece. This recording is one of the true classics in the genre, together with the Samael debut, Burzum, Countess debut, Mayhem debut, In order to retain the spirit of the early 90's, this release reflects the orginal as much as possible, and therefore has no modern sellout gimmicks like useless bonustracks, photoshopped new artwork, rockstar liner notes or other unnecessary stuff. Comes on 140 gr vinyl, includes insert with lyrics and photos. Vinyl pre-mastering at Tuianti Studio, The Netherlands (Heimdalls Wacht, Ancestors Blood, Cultus), March 2012. Pressed in Germany.