1. Kanker 7:38
2. Als sneeuw voor de zon 11:46
3. De buitenstaander 7:38
4. Artificiality 10:38

Murw - 'Kanker' cd

Unique death/doom metal with old-fashioned quality and songwriting! Long awaited debut album of Murw out now on cd and lp. One of The Netherlands' best kept secrets returns with a truly stunning and groundbreaking album of progressive death/doom metal. Extraordinary, unconventional and creative songwriting, this album is nearly impossible to compare with any existing band or fit in any existing genre. Murw is not a newcomer one-day-fly performing a cheap, new gimmick trying to stand out, or performs crowdpleasing sing-a-long popmelodies. Throughout their history, dating back to the early 90s where the band already did shows supporting Emperor for example, they've shown a unique own style of music, now culminating into their debutalbum "Kanker". For fans of old The Gathering, old Paradise Lost, Esoteric, Mournful Congregation, Ved Buens Ende/Virus!

Produced with the utmost care and priority, carefully following the wishes and visions of the band. This record sounds and looks as good as possible and as intended by band and label. The dedicated mastering for vinyl resulted in optimal analog sound, resulting in more dynamic sound that perfectly fits to the diverse songwriting and fluctuating structures.

Recorded and mixed at Vato Loco, Austria, by M. Schirenc (Pungent Stench, Hollenthon), August 2010. Vinyl pre-mastering at Tuanti, The Netherlands, by A. Peeks (Heimdalls Wacht, Ancestors Blood), March 2012.

No DMM-mastering (if you want your records to sound digital, you might as well listen to mp3s).

Full color sleeve and insert with lyrics and drawings.

Both lp and cd are pressed in West-Germany.

Review: It has been said often about Murw that their songwriting and compositions were extraordinary; the potential was clearly there; it was just that not many people appreciated the unpolished and raw self-production of their previous material. Personally, a lo-fi production never bothers me. However, the band decided to experiment and recorded this new album "Kanker" in a well known studio in Austria, and had it mastered in Slovenia. You can expect a heavy yet very clear sound. Production-wise, the album may appeal to a larger audience. However, do not fear their typical nonconformist songwriting and melodies have been replaced with artificiality, sing-a-long choruses and top 40 song structures. This is not an easy-listening pop metal album. The clear production reveals only little of the many layers of sick melodies, virtuoso playing and psychedelica. With this new level of production, combined with their ever genius songwriting and progressive and technical compositions, the future is theirs. Material here is very diverse, as we know Murw at their best. Expect to be sucked in four deranged songs that will wipe your happiness away like snow before the sun, and let their twists elevate you from total despair and disappointment, into delirium, and then transcend you into the laughing outsider. Because let's be honest, in this nowadays scene there are hardly any original and innovative bands left. Everyone wants to fit in some sub genre, its image and its scene. Not many bands write for the sake of themselves exclusively. If you are prepared to be amazed, add this album to your collection. You will not find any modern stoner or hippy influences on this album. A comparison to this album is impossible; just as all previous material from Murw, no two tracks are alike and all passages are highly unique and intelligent. However, to give you an idea, the material here matches with the best songs written by Esoteric, Mournful Congregation, old Paradise Lost, Ved Buens Ende / Virus, etc. This time, all lyrics are included as well, giving a more than bleak insight to their hope-less and detached motivations, confronting you with personal mourning and disappointments.

Fanzine reviews

"A true big secret. Instead of falling into the most ordinary confusions of pseudo-complexity, Murw have created a real masterpieces of epic doom/death metal. One of the best moments of the metal underground in a long, long time." (5/5) - Misantropia Extrema (Por)

"The bulk of this album is massive, progressive and riffy. It incorporates unheard melodies and interesting accords. Slow and fast parts alternate timely and naturally, creating authentic atmosphere, sound and, above all, harmony. Kanker shows high skill level. Looking back at previous works by Murw it is clear that they never tried to play “like” somebody and this album is not an exception. This album is not something you’ve heard. Analogies can be drawn here and there, but they are weak and insignificant." (9,6/10) - Metal archives (USA)

"It's quite the abstract little piece and expresses some quite odd and avant-garde tendencies. I was thoroughly impressed." (9,5/10) - Don't count on it reviews (USA)

"A lot of excitement and truly awe some melancholy that makes my heart beats faster. Simply and only brilliant, yet heavy to digest!" (9,5/10) - Lady metal (Ger)

"Again a very successfull album. They've shown that the bar could be raised even further, and I can say this is one of the best bands from our country." (93/100) - Zware Metalen (Nld)

"A very impressive work. Multifaceted and unconventional, yet never too twisted. Recommended to everyone who likes original music, that despite experiments or progressive elements, is still dark and traditional." (9/10) - Hateful Metal (Ger)

"Every track is a diverse and melancholic play of music. Not boring for a second!" (9/10) - Stormbringer (Aut)

"Creativity comes out of this misanthropic ensemble in all its dark splendor. The depth of the sound created will tear, and tears will leave you shocked. Great test of a great and unpredictable band, the hope I had in them became complete confidence!" (9/10) - Stereo Invaders (Ita)

"Few debut full-lengths are this convincing, unique, and mature. There's plenty of textural complexity and sonic experimentation, such as Opethian riffs and melodies, psychedelia, keyboards, bass-led sections, undistorted passages, and clean female vocals. And, take notice, it's produced perfectly." (4.5/5) - Full Metal Attorney (USA)

"Utterly rich in variety and expressing high intolerance against observing stylistic borders. The profound and far-reaching riffing is an interesting implementation of avant-garde, progressive, doom and even post-rock elements, with a slight tendency towards 70s psychedelic rock. I consider this release mature and highly advisable. It certainly reflects largely successful experimentation with uncommon and not easily reconcilable schemes within the genre, constituting in an utterly creative and melancholic, dramatic as well as psychedelic album." (9/10) - Pest Webzine

"Interesting, special, and guaranteed never boring. Recommended!" (9/10) - Medazzarock (Swi)

(8,9/10) - Vaskarc (Hun)

"“Kanker” is a very well-crafted release that deserves attention. At times it sounds like something that Mournful Congregation or Shape of Despair could have crafted. Murw managed to consolidate their sound very well and deliver a great release." (88/100) - Infernal Masquerade (Spain)

"Kanker sees the band taking more orchestral direction, with elements like an operatic female backing vocals. If one were looking for sorrowful and depressive metal (or an extreme metal version of works of bands like Katatonia), Kanker is definitely worth checking out." (8,5/10) - Heavy Metal Tribune

"Emotion and power - so I would describe in two words, "Kanker". Addiction brick." (8.5/10) - Chaos Vault (Pol)

"The compositions are intriguing; Kanker is an interesting and thought through work, that will convince many fans of original, innovative black metal." (8,1/10) - Metalfan (Nld)

"Their approach to black metal has simply generated a very original and genre-defining brand of black metal. Definitely one of the most interesting black metal albums to be released in the last couple of years, Murw's Kanker is definitely a piece of art. It is expressive. It is challenging. It is unique. If you like avant-garde and progressive black metal, you will have to check this one out." (4/5) - Sea Of Tranquility (USA)

"Murw presents itself in four songs and 37 minutes playing time extremely creative. The new album is very extreme, dark, lingering, and for many certainly too heavy to take." (8/10) - Folk metal (Aus)

"A unique album with awesome passages, a lot of diversity and daring experiments. Murw remains one of the most promising bands in the underground!" (8/10) - Rotting Hill (Aut)

"An adventurous and fascinating album, particulary good because of the unexpected twists!" (80/100) - Aardschok magazine (Nld)

"Definitely one of the most interesting black metal albums to be released in the last couple of years, Murw's Kanker is definitely a piece of art. It is expressive. It is challenging. It is unique. If you like avant-garde and progressive black metal, you will have to check this one out." (4/5) - Sea of tranquility

(8/10) - Metal Rulez (Pol)

(4/5) - Musicmeter.nl (Nld)

"I’m not sure I’ll hear a better-produced album this year." (3/5) - Metal Ireland (Ire)

"Layers of guitars form an atmosphere that is quite mystical, melancholic and breathtaking. An abundance of musicianship and songwriting finesse make a great impression on ‘Kanker’ and creates a unique album so that fans of well arranged extreme metal will have no qualms when recommending it to friends." - Forbidden Magazine (USA)