1. Totenreich
2. Misanthropic sociopath
3. Abschied
4. Leid
5. Breath of death
6. Schlachtgedanken
7. Seelenruhe
8. Spiegel meiner Seele III

Debut full-length finally unleashed, after this Austrian horde has been into existence more then ten years. Expect violent and crushing old school black metal with parts that could have been on any old Spear Of Longinus album, performed with the same intensity as Mysticum and old Gorgoroth. Insane and ugly! Includes ex-member of Obscure Anachronism. Released spring 2011.

'Leid' song on Youtube.

9/10 Hateful metal: "The album is filled with terror, decay and sounds of battle! 'Seelenruhe' is without compromise, loud, aggressive and not pretty, as black metal should be."