Repress from 2018 with the original 2008 sleeves and inlays. Same audio, no remaster, no bonus tracks. Comes with extra CD. Limited to 111 copies.

Listen and order on Bandcamp: Cultus part | Meslamtaea part.

I found a box of covers for the Cultus / Meslamtaea split LP originally released in 2008. At the time, the printer made way too many sleeves and inlays; I put them into storage after the LP sold out and recently found them back. We thought it would be a waste to simply throw these covers away, so I have repressed some records to make these last copies available again.

As a little bonus, these copies include the unreleased CD edition from the Cultus part. These were originally pressed in 2009 for a stand alone CD release of these tracks, but the release was cancelled. Most discs were thrown away, some were put into storage. Now they are the perfect bonus item for this repress. The CD features the same tracks as the LP but the versions on the disc are completely unmixed and unedited. What you hear is the raw and direct recordings, without any effects added or mixing done. This was my tribute to "Transilvanian hunger".

Meslamtaea - "Gedachten": After the full-length "New era", Meslamtaea's instrumentaria has been expanded with synthesizers, so on this split you can expect an even bigger variety of sounds, all performed in a trademark wall of cacophonous melodies. By now, Meslamtaea's music has become totally impossible to put a label on, but the three songs on this split give you a very very heavy contrast of both harsh and epic melodies, dreamy passages, aggressive vocals, but all with brilliant and extremely technical songwriting, merging all of this together in an adventurous trip into thoughts...

Cultus - "Tussen werelden": Four fast and storming yet melodic songs of furious and hateful black metal. Nonconformist and antisocial forest music and bitter black metal fanatisicm, without any doubt the best Cultus has produced to date in terms of atmosphere, songwriting and production.

Two unique projects who in no way write music to please any public, so you can expect totally trend-free, uncompromising and egoistic underground music. Originally released februari 2008 in an edition of 540 copies; repress out ten years later in februari 2018 in an edition of 111 copies.

Original outer sleeve and inlay from 2008;
Repress on black vinyl, no re-mastering or bonus tracks;
Identical to first press except these have black/white labels instead of colour;
Limited to 111 copies.