WROK 'De onheilsbode' LP / CD 2017

1. Sterf voor Satan
2. Het laatste dodenmaal
3. Uitgehold
4. Het woord van Satan
5. Satans glorie
6. Satanskinderen
7. Levend ontbonden
8. In pijn
9. De ruiters van de apocalyps
10. Op de vlerken van Azazel

Fear the return! Wrok (from HELL) has been un-buried and returns with "De onheilsbode". As if time stood still, Wrok plays disturbed and sick primitive Satanic black metal, for fanatics of Bestial Summoning, old Barathrum, old Heretic, Apator, Ildjarn. The first sign of life of the de-buried horde was the infamous Veneration Of The Dead festival in april 2017. The band played live for the first time in over 20 years for a blood-hungry and possessed audience.

CD booklet and LP insert comes with liner notes written by A. / Heidens Hart Records. LP insert also comes with all lyrics. LP and CD released first half of 2017.

Both LP and CD are also available as combined set with a tape reissue of the infamous "Ontgravenis" demo 1996, one of the most extreme demos ever brought forth on Dutch soil. This tape is NOT available seperately - only as a combined set with the album; each format is limited to 75 copies only.
"De onheilsbode" CD (limited to 250 copies, available)
"De onheilsbode" CD + "Ontgravenis" demo (limited to 75 copies, available)
"De onheilsbode" LP (limited to 200 copies, available)
"De onheilsbode" LP + "Ontgravenis" demo (limited to 75 copies, available)

All music and lyrics written by Wrok between 1996 and 1998, except "Op de vlerken van Azazel" - interpretation of Countess "On the wings of Azazel". Recorded 2016. Logo's, drawings and lyrics of "Het laatste dodenmaal" by Conscicide (1973-2008).

"The songs have been recorded in a short time. Don't expect a high end studio sound, the band remains fully faithful to the old traditions. The album sounds primitive, minimalistic and above all, highly extreme, as Wrok always have sound and always will. The Dutch scene has build a strong reputation when it comes to extreme black metal." (translated excerpt from the liner notes)

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