1. Abyssus Abyssum Invocat
2. Sunt Verba et Voces Praetereaque Nihil
3. Credo Quia Absurdum
4. Ego Sum Qui Sum
5. Damnat Quod Non Intelligunt
6. Pugnare in iis Quae Obtinere Non Possis
7. Decepimur Specie Recti
8. Virgo Dei Genitrix
9. Numen

ABSOLUTUS "Pugnare In Iis Quae Obtinere Non Possis" CD

Absolutus are a Belgian band shattering the shelter of the unconscious since 2003. Their lyrical content deals primarily with nihilism, metaphysical journeys, eerie experiences and psychology, inspired by writers such as E.M. Cioran and F. Nietzsche. Starting out as a traditional black metal entity, appearing out of the nothingness with "Ostendit quam nihil sumus", their absolution shifted on the highly anticipated second album "Pugnare in iis quae obtinere non possis" towards a more aesthetical and experimental approach. This album is in every aspect a highly recommended and truly monumental journey showing much more diversity compared with the debut album. The morbid and violent atmosphere breathes through the complex songs and dark interludes.

Summoned in the the city of dirt and corruption, Brussels, with help of Neraath and Phorgath from Enthroned horde @ Blackout studio, expect a massive and devastating monolith of album. Fanatics of new Abigor, Blut Aus Nord, Antaeus as well as more modern acts like Deathspell Omega and Svartidauđi, take heed!

Absolutus will play at next years' Veneration Of The Dead festival, The Netherlands' best and most dedicated underground black metal festival, alongside exclusive bands like Dodheimsgard, Cultus, Sear Bliss, Blackdeath and more.

CD released december 2015.


(85/100) "Absolutus have a definitive own take on this whirlwind of technical black metal." (Lords Of Metal)

(4/5) "Essentially, this is an intelligent and interesting black metal album, with an idiosyncratic style. The album snakes its way effortlessly through moments of raw guttural power, melodic interludes and all framed in between deliciously creepy electronica." (The Independent Voice)

(78/100) "Authentic and evil! Absolutus shows us there are still bands who will scare the average human." (Zware Metalen)

(15/20) "Complex, difficult, insane chaotic riffs, blast, mid tempo moments, variations on everything, small dark melodies well placed, a great album with reminiscences of “Wolf Lair’s Abyss” from Mayhem or Deathspell Omega." (Cigareviews)

"The Belgians deliver solid hellfire that doesn’t come short compared to others." (No Clean Singing)

"A dark musical trip with an existentialistic undertone." (Dutch Metal Maniac)

"There is no light at the end of the dense demon filled woods and Absolutus strips all hope you had of escaping away from you. This album is something that makes you feel almost uncomfortable while listening and makes your skin crawl and crack under its blistering coldness." (Cadaver Garden)

" ‘Pugnare In Iis Quae Obtinere Non Possis’ is an album that rewards both instantly and over time. Your initial reactions will be cowering from the savagery, and soon that will build into fear of what lurks within Absolutus and their dark shadows. Excellent." (The Killchain)