Stargazer and Ildra tshirts available

STARGAZER 'The scream that tore the sky'
4 colour front with albumcover and logo; backprint with symbol.
Available in sizes S, M, L, XL and XXL.
Attention Australians: will be available from the band in +/- two weeks!

ILDRA 'Eğelland'
Logo on front, text on back. Very limited run, order now.
Available in sizes S, M, L and XL.

NOTE: Both tshirts come on high quality Gildan heavy cotton shirts.
All pre-orders have been sent.


Need some room for the new tshirts and upcoming lp releases, so be sure to take advantage of this temporary offer:

Lugubre - 'Chaoskult' + tshirt for only 15 euro (listen here!)
Murw - 'Kanker' cd or lp + 'In de mond' cd for only 15 euro (listen here!)
Zwartplaag 'Haatstorm' cd + tshirt for only 15 euro (listen here!)
Gestalte s/t democassette + logo tshirt for only 15 euro
Heimdalls Wacht 'Nichtorte' cd + 'Ut de graute' cd + tshirt (size S only) for only 30 euro (listen here!)

All prices excluding postage. Only valid during juli and august.


- BRANSTOCK "Uckermark": new mcd coming soon!

- BESTIAL SUMMONING 'The dark war has begun' lp is slightly delayed. Will be available at the end of August.

- HEIMDALLS WACHT 'EWSM' album mix is almost finished. During august and september, we'll work on the mastering and artwork, as well as some new merchandise.

- ILDRA 'Eğelland' lp is being mastered right now, we hope to release the album around september/oktober

"Half augustus zonneschijn, verschaft de boer een goed vat wijn."