Free postage within Europa whole Februari

During the whole month februari, postage within Europa is free if your order includes one or more Heidens Hart releases.

Here is a selection of recent releases, but of course it is valid on all releases, including tapes, vinyl and cds! Click here for a list of available releases.

MURW (Hol) "Kanker" cd 2011
Long awaited debut album of Murw. One of The Netherlands' best kept secrets returns with a truly stunning and groundbreaking album of progressive death/doom metal. Extraordinary, unconventional and creative songwriting.

9,5 / 10 Don't count on it reviews: "It's quite the abstract little piece and expresses some quite odd and avant-garde tendencies. I was thoroughly impressed."
9,5 / 10 Lady Metal (Ger): "A lot of excitement and truly awe some melancholy that makes my heart beats faster. Simply and only brilliant, yet heavy to digest!"
93 / 100 Zware Metalen (Nld): "Again a very successfull album. They've shown that the bar could be raised even further, and I can say this is one of the best bands from our country."
9 / 10 Hateful Metal (Ger): "A very impressive work. Multifaceted and unconventional, yet never too twisted. Recommended to everyone who likes original music, that despite experiments or progressive elements, is still dark and traditional."
9 / 10 Stormbringer (Aut): "Every track is a diverse and melancholic play of music. Not boring for a second!"
9 / 10 Stereo Invaders (Ita): "Creativity comes out of this misanthropic ensemble in all its dark splendor. The depth of the sound created will tear, and tears will leave you shocked. Great test of a great and unpredictable band, the hope I had in them became complete confidence!"
8,9 / 10 Vaskarc (Hun)
8,1 / 10 Metalfan (Nld): "The compositions are intriguing; Kanker is an interesting and thought through work, that will convince many fans of original, innovative black metal."

HEIMDALLS WACHT (Ger) "Ut de graute olle Tied - Deel 1" cd 2011
Re-press of their third album. The album, containing favorite songs like 'Mythologem' and 'Aufstand der Stellingas' among others, sold out quickly after its release, so we are proud to announce that the album is available again.

HEKEL (Hol) "Doodskou" mcd 2011
Ritual unhuman black metal. Notorious demo from 1998 finally out on cd, limited to 666 copies.

LUGUBRE (Hol) "Chaoskult (Hymns of destruction)" cd 2011
Compilation of obscure tracks, giving an overview of 12 years of anti human black fucking metal.

HEIMDALLS WACHT (Ger) "Nichtorte" cd 2011
Highly anticipated proper and deserved release of Heimdalls Wacht's latest and most important album. Authentic and nostalgic pagan black metal.

95 / 100 Schwarze News: “Nearly perfect, authentic pagan black metal. Again Heimdalls Wacht shows they belong to the biggest in Germany.”
95 / 100 Threnodies: “Nichtorte is a convincing record, that does not need to hide itself, even if it is compared to other high class pagan black metal records. You should go and buy the record, as it is an authentic piece of pagan black metal.”
90 / 100 "Sehr, sehr tolles Album. Heimdalls Wacht überzeugen mit der gekonnten tontechnischen Umsetzung ihrer Ideen."
9 / 10 Infektion magazine (Portugal)
9 / 10 Totenruf: ”Highly recommened and a must-have in every pagan black metal collection.”
12 / 15 “'Nichtorte' verbindet jede Menge Power mit sehr viel Gespür für feinere Klänge. Nichts ist trivial, vieles individuell und manches gar originell. Qualität, die sich jedenfalls auf "Nichtorte" zweifellos finden lässt und einen Kauf wahrlich empfehlen. Mit derlei Werken hätte Heimdalls Wacht wahrlich mehr Aufmerksamkeit verdient!”

ZWARTPLAAG 'Haatstorm' CD / MC / Tshirt
A pure aggressive and hateful black metal offensive, who attack with their typical own style of riffs. After a couple of demos, this debut album confirms Zwartplaag has quickly become one of not many black metal hordes in the Dutch underground that matter.

90 / 100 Pest webzine: "Raw, primitive, dark, and evil is what Zwartplaag displays with "Haatstorm”."
90 / 100 "A masterpiece. This true monolith raises the level."
85 / 100 Aardschok magazine: “Rarely has a Dutch black metal debuted as strong as Zwartplaag. The album lasts one hour, but these gentlemen know how to capture and hold your attention.”
83 / 100 Lords of metal magazine: “This is an album to be proud of.”
86 / 100 “With this first opus, Zwartplaag rises undoubtedly to spearhead the Dutch scene. An album that will not soon be forgetten and that already resonates as one of the highlights in 2010.”
80 / 100 Hateful metal: "First class riffs and lots of variation. A very atmospheric album from the first to the last song."