The Gjallarhorn sounds again and Jörd rumbles! Heimdalls Wacht news!

* NEW ALBUM - Recordings for the new, fifth album have started! Westphalia and Tuianti will once again tell their tales of nostalgia, heroism and romanticism through a new Heimdalls Wacht album, that shapes up to be their best ever:

"The Album will be a statement of what blackened underground metal should be all about - in our specific point of view: Uncommercial - unprofessional - honest - individual - but still keeping roots! This means that you can expect a mixture of the typical unique style that HEIMDALLS WACHT is known for - with a big salute to and here and there some quotes at the fathers of the movement - from Scandinavia to Germany, from North-America to eastern Europe, from Austria to Greece! So this is kind of a tribute as well... a tribute to a musical movement which started as a counterpart to society and its rules and ended up as a fucked up part of the system! We deny all "modern" kinds of shit that is trying to be part of it all over the World! Fuck these people - we despite them! And thus this Album is AGAINST them!"

* MERCHANDISE - Because the recent shirts sold out so quickly, and demand is still high, I've ordered a second batch of tshirts! The shirts are available again in the sizes S, M, L and XL! But note: this shirt will not be repressed again, so this is your last chance.

* UT DE GRAUTE OLLE TIED DEEL 1 - Re-press of their 3rd album is available now as well. The album, containing favorite songs like 'Mythologem' and 'Aufstand der Stellingas' among others, sold out quickly after its release, so we are proud to announce that the album is available again. Order now!