Februari 2010 News

Winter offensive:

EVIL-008: POSTRIBULUM - "Rehearsal '89" tape - Out now;
HH59: KBM - "Katharos" tape - Out now;
HH60: MOURNFUL CONGREGATION - "The June frost" tape - Out now;
HH61: DEVIL ANCESTRY - "Unleash" tape - Out now;
HH62: ZWARTPLAAG (Hol) "Haatstorm" cd - Out now!;
HH64: HEKEL (Hol) "Rehearsal 2005" tape - Out now;
HH66: DESASTRIOUS (USA) "Loekr inn Niflheim" tape - Coming soon;
HH70: MORDAEHOTH (Hol) "Eens weer prevaleert het heidens hart" cd/lp/mc in cooperation with New Era Productions - In production; coming soon;
HH65: DUSKEN (Ger) "Pyrimanes" tape - Coming soon;
FBM01: KJELD (Frs) "De tiid hâldt gjin skoft" mcd in cooperation with Frisia Magna / Kjeld - Out now!

To make room for these upcoming releases I've updated the free stuff-section, to approximately three times the size. So now is
the best time to get a lot of good items for cheap price: 4 euro per cd / 2,50 per tape, or even free if combined with bigger order.