BLUTVIAL "mysteries of earth" digipack CD

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Heidens Hart Records is proud to present chapter v of Blutvial, “mysteries of earth". Emerging out of nowhere, this raw piece of necro filth and grim hatred will be released on CD March 2018. With “mysteries of earth", Blutvial is presenting a melancholic and harsh output of unholy black metal in the classic Scandinavian riff-based tradition of the early and mid 90s, reminding of Norwegian gems by bands such as Thorns, Kvist, Strid, Gorgoroth, Obtained Enslavement and, of course, Burzum. Anyone who is still spellbound by the early outputs of those bands will have found a new gem here.

“mysteries of earth" was recorded by Ewchymlaen (of UK outfits Reign of Erebus and Acolyte’s Ruin), Aort and Andras (of renowned U.K. avantgarde black metal act CODE as well as INDESINENCE), with Tiúval (of ISRATHOUM) on drums. A draconian asseverence schemed, convened and ejaculated by Blutvial - the album is self produced by the band so expect a pure and unpolished sound coming straight from the source. Adorned with an uncomplicated yet effective performance and production, revealing in the most optimal and fitting way the focus on relentless riffs and aggression that will instantly draw you into the dark universe of Blutvial.

Ewchymlaen – guitar and vocals
Aort – guitar
Andras – bass guitar
Tiúval – drums

CD releases March 2018. Order online & official track premieres:

01 beneath the moon 8:46
02 black silence 2:07
03 existential rite 3:48
04 vaults of unrest 4:46
05 carving nihil 7:04
06 midwinters halls 5:43
07 urnacht 5:34
08 doomed to eternal night 5:47
09 in praise of noctula 7:10
10 where graves spring open 10:02

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