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I'm not trying to be some "elite" asshole label, I just don't have the time for it and I'm not interested. Thank you for saving me and yourself some precious time.

If you think or write that I, my label or any of my bands are rightwinged, neonazi, or political in any way, you are wrong. Writing so makes you by law guilty of slander. Your sources are made up, pure fantasy as well as blatant lies. Heidens Hart is a black metal recordlabel, founded at the end of the '90s. Being a recordlabel means we produce, distribute, release, promote and sell music. It is not, was not, and never will be politically motivated or a platform for any kind of political expression. Heidens Hart is a political label only in the way that it is 100% anti-politics. HH was founded to produce and promote extreme metal MUSIC; it is understandable that the nature of extreme black metal raises questions, but be it known that Heidens Hart does not support or sell any political or social messages. Heidens Hart does not cooperate with bands and/or individuals from political environments, and has no political, let alone left or right winged, titles among the releases or in distribution.
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